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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A little further along

A modern day before and after. The old Bridgewater boats hire base has been re-developed. Many plans were turned down before they were allowed a 4 bed house, a boat house and two other smaller houses to the right of picture. I did wonder if the house owner  has a boat in the dock or even if it is in fact part of the house sale.

Down past Topside lock I have always liked these cottages even more now they have had a lick of paint.

Plenty of water as the flooded towpath shows. Water is pouring over the top gates at most of the locks.
We headed for a favourite, in this area, mooring close to bridge 146 that is opposite a field of horses. A walk up the lane gives access to buses into Hemel Hempstead so this mooring suited us for a few days. I do remember it rained for two days solid so a nice mooring was a must.

Setting off from our mooring just beyond the bridge our first lock has as usual water pouring over the top gates and a boat moored on the lock bollards. No signs of anyone on board and as we have been moored nearby I can confirm it has been moored here for 4 days.
Next stop will be near a road as Jaq wants a Tesco delivery.
The picture on the left was a previous delivery that was really close to the boat. This time it was in a road 50 feet away but close enough. The delivery guy was pleased as it was his first boat delivery and he was amazed as he looked in from the front deck. No doubt he told all the other drivers when he got back but i bet he will find another driver has beaten him to being 1st boat delivery. A lot of boaters use the service.


Alan Fincher said...

There is actually a very very beautiful new boat being built in that new building on the retained slipway in Berkhamsed. Some kind of tea or mahogany or "teak or mahogany like" "Gentleman's Launch" I would say, although that is probably a million miles from the correct description!
Lovely curves and masses of highly varnished wood. Often one of those steel shutters is drawn up, and you can see some or all of it. Nice to see it is actually being used!

Les Biggs said...

Hi Alan
I wonder if the boat dock is just let out or is in fact attached to the house. I do believe it`s precence was part of planning consent.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs