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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I walked around town to get a few things and the Market Hall above was in full swing if you call 9 stalls swinging but i suppose in it`s day this hall was probably packed with stalls bearing local produce and perhaps some fowl and maybe the odd goat or two.

Off in search of somewhere quiet after 2 days in the Ellesmere Arm i set off about 12 and filled the water tank and managed to cruise 3 miles before it started to rain. As i was just approaching Frankton Jct. where a staircase and 2 locks takes boats down onto the Montgomery Canal i
turned in and moored to have a cuppa and await dryer weather.

Above a picture of the staircase locks taken late evening when the rain finally stopped and below the following morning having had the whole arm to myself. In case you`re wondering the other boat had no one on board overnight, it was being returned to it`s hire base by an engineer after one of the holiday makers had a bad accident just 2 days into a weeks holiday.
Below looking back towards Ellesmere through Brdg. 69, the higher numbered bridges continue down the Montgomery and ahead of me towards Llangollen we start again at No. 1W. Could it be the W is for Wales?. I have briefly entered and exited Wales back near the Prees Arm but will not cross the Welsh border again until Chirk so not to sure on that guess.

Those Welsh hills are getting nearer.

The bridge below, note the W, caught my eye because of the wooden beams and looking up as i went under the beams were just supporting wooden planks with daylight showing between the gaps. Perhaps the brick arch had weakened at some time and the beams were a cheap quick fix for what is only a farm crossing.
Entering Wales soon so just getting a few phrases together.


grey wolf said...

the beams are good and hefty looking. It would be nice if the W did stand for wales but i think they would prefer C for cumru[fellow countryman or brother,i think it means]rather than Welsh which is an Anglo Saxon word for foreigner.

Les Biggs said...

Hi grey wolf
I`ll have to find out from BW the reason for the `W`
The brick arch roof must have given in at some time and the beams were a quick/cheap solution

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs