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Friday, November 09, 2012

Wedding Bliss and English Delight

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach. ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

   We made it, after staying awake for twenty one plus hours, enduring nine hours on the first plane, a lay over in Seattle, and a commuter flight thirty minutes to Portland, Oregon. I've nearly recovered now from my near psychotic break with reality (I was so tired I wanted to snap the head off the commuter stewardess who would not shut up, and who kept opening and closing the metal clasps on cupboards right behind me while I sat in a grumpy coma). 
   Tuesday was spent in the company of Sparky, Kelli, and Mary; my favorite oldest daughter Jesse and my son in law Ben came over from Spokane. Jesse applied her expertise in baking to help bake and frost wedding cupcakes. Les learned about the local recycling program and set forth to blog about it.
How many Americans does it take to explain community recycling?
Les using Sparky's little pink computer to write a blog post about Oregon bottle recycling
  Sleep, hot showers, sleep, HUGE cups of coffee and tea, good food, big hugs, lots of laughter, and more sleep restored me to my usual silly self.
Now that is a cup of coffee!
   Wednesday morning we visited Untangled--a superb hair salon where Shiery gets her do done: cut, colored and, for the wedding, a lot of sparkling bling was glued into her raging fuchsia and purple do. We were served coffee and Mimosas while we waited. Even the men found it interesting!
Son in law Ben and Les enjoying coffee and Mimosas while we wait
Cindy--hair stylist supreme and Oregon Ducks fan!
Bling is applied to Shiery's wedding do
Jesse and Les watching a video of 2 year old Connor in his jingle bell hat
Jesse and Ben: Love is in the air!
Les and I cooking up something in the kitchen while Jesse frosts cupcakes

   Later Sparky and Kelli took us for a Dutch Brothers coffee and we pulled in to the drive through window. A cute young thing waited there for our order. Her eyes lit up when she saw Sparky's bright, glittering hair. Enthusiastically she cried, "Oh my god your hair is fantastic!"
   Spark ordered first for her an Kelli, then I gave my coffee order and then Les spoke up. Coffeegirl's eyes grew wide with surprise as she exclaimed, "That's awesome! Oh my god I love your accent. Keep talking!"
   After a short wait she returned with our order and a fellow employee who took a look at Sparky's wedding hair and said "Dude that's wicked!" Coffeegirl spluttered, "Wait--it gets even better--" she turned to Les and ordered, "Talk!" Coffeedude was blown away and replied, "Wow! That's totally awesome." As we pulled away laughing I knew we had scored as "coolest customers of the day."
   That evening the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch. Les escorted both brides to the altar. When asked, "With whom do you come and whose blessings accompany you?" Les replied,  "They come with me, their dad, and are accompanied by all our blessings."
Mother and daughter
Les waits to escort the brides: Kelli left, and Shiery, right.
Kelli and Shiery's hands with their hand fasting cord
With this ring, I thee wed...
The kiss!
Kelli and Shiery Carnes
Getting ready to jump the broom

   The energy of all those assembled wove a circle of love and support for Shiery and Kelli as they declared their love for one another publicly to family and friends. The brides were radiant and our family expanded to embrace them both. We welcome Kelli into our hearts as she establishes her place in our family.
   This morning Jesse and Ben stopped at Panera's on the way over, introducing Les to his first bagel. Delighted, his eyes sparkled as he looked at me and queried, "Do you think we can find these back home?"
   It is strange indeed to be back in America. It is a lot like running into one's ex...familiar and yet...different; love and disaffection in interesting measures; nostalgia and exasperation with each heartbeat.
   This trip was definitely not a home coming. It is a family reunion but physically, home is back across the Atlantic on a smallish island, and an even smaller boat. Spiritually, and emotionally home is where my heart is, and that is wherever Dear Sir lays his head. Happy am I, to lay mine next to his.


Hase said...

Dear Jaq,

How very romantic and how good to read how much you two are in love! I always thought I am the only one being so absolutely happy with my own "dear Sir". (Together for more than 20 years and still happy - how creepy is that?? *gg*) Blessings and best of luck for the newly Wiccan weds! I LOVE your daughters hairdo and the dress!

XXX, Silvia

Nev Wells said...

Another great post lots of lovely pics and words.

Take care and pass on my congratulations to the very happy couple


Anonymous said...

That hair is definitely awesome. And the nails. Congratulations to your girls!! Carol BV

Les Biggs said...

Hello Sylvia,
Congratulations on 20 happy years with your man. Life is great, love is fantastic and I will pass on your kind words and enthusiasm about the hair and dress. She did look amazingly beautiful.
Blessed Be,

Les Biggs said...

Hi Nev,
I'll be sure to pass on your congrats to Kelli and Sparky. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it all. I am going to need a vacation to recover from this vacation!!
Hello and hugs to Rachel and your family.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol,
I'll tell them you said hi and you liked it! I thought she looked beautiful and Kelli's gear was very clean, bright and a good accompaniment.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Anonymous said...

Les and Jaq, the photograph of you two together whilst Jaq fries what appears to be mushrooms is what I call a keeper.

A large poster should made and olaced on the inside wall of NB Valerie.

My gaydar was not functioning very well while reading the preparations for the wedding. Maay the couple be together for every more.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Bryce,
I was making Beef Stroganoff which is my favorite youngest daughter's favorite dish--and yes those were mushrooms I was sauteing.

I will pass on your good wishes to Shiery and Kelli. They are a lovely couple and we are pleased to add Kelli to the family.
Take care,

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs