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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Below Lymm Bridge and the White building next to the bridge is the home of Matthew Corbett
of Sooty Fame.Matthew has now retired Sooty but still performs on the hands of Richard Cadel.

Above the village streets up to and under the Bridgewater canal and below the main street of
Lymm and the Dam can be accessed down the hill to the right via a footpath.

Lymm Dam and the lake below are just a few minutes walk from the village and came about in
1824 when the Turnpike trust was granted permission to charge tolls. Originally the scene you see in the picture was just a stream flowing through a valley with a path leading to a small footbridge across a stream. The Trust built a road and new bridge and the stream became the lake.
The present bridge was built after WW1 by a new landowner. The road is now the A56 and from both sides of the bridge the road climbs out of the valley.
Warrington Council manage the Dam and good walks can be had all around it.


Handyspanner said...

Hi Les,

It has been a while, I trust you are well. I could not help dropping you a note when I saw this. I now live down in the smoke; however, you are now at where I grew up, well just down the road. Used to ride there on "me" bike for the day out!!

Lovely place Lymm, if you are going up through Manchester enjoy, but be careful. We did the ring a couple of years ago, coming the other way from Dukinfield junction. We set off early and had no issues, but people we passed had a number of confrontations.

All the best,


Les Biggs said...

hello Handy`
How far into the smoke are you now,thinking we might meet on my annual journey south.Yep Lymm sure is a nice place.
Now Handy re your comments if i`m going through Manchester. It seems you are not reading the blog properly as i said in ONTO RUNCORN i wasn`t gonna bother. Now if it`s proved you are not a regular reader i might have get the secret police to hack your PC and stop you clicking on the blog.
Only joking mate always nice to hear from you.

Les Biggs said...

Forgot to say i`m still following Mike perham on his 100th day out in the Pacific Ocean, must do another link on the next blog.

Handyspanner said...


Reason for the "lack" of following is that I have been away for the past three weeks to the USA on business and did not have the time!

Glad to see you are still enjoying the life, I am still looking for a boat. However, it gets harder the more boats you see. I fancy a rear galley now, after looking around a few. The problem is I really want a trad and the rear galley does not appear to work that well with a trad!

I may end up having to get one built, as so many people do.

I live about 30 min North of London, so not really in the "smoke".

Take care and enjoy the Macc.



NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs