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Sunday, January 30, 2011

FROZEN CANAL AGAIN? I`ve made my move.

After a couple of relaxing days in the countryside a glance at the 5  day forecast showed below freezing temperatures and with my U S trip coming up i decided to move into Braunston  to avoid any frantic last minute ice breaking. Friday evening saw ice forming on the canal so first thing Saturday i decided to move even closer to
my booked marina place for the trip. Above is pictured the ice in Braunston as i left and as luck would have it another boat was ahead of me cutting me a channel so all in all a good bit of decision making. a very cold trip i felt warm inside at the thought of what might have happened had i stayed out in the suburbs.

The well known Gongoozlers cafe boat is having a make over and should be back at it`s mooring and open for business next weekend. The kitchen area at the rear has been revamped and the dining tables will be amongst a pine panelled interior. A re-paint of the exterior completes the work.

So from the bow of NB Valerie settled in her mooring on Sunday the ice from Saturday is still hanging about. My thoughts while i`m away will be of fellow boaters being iced in so soon after the last freeze that lasted weeks.

I hereby claim the first Lamb picture of 2011, i bet someone has blogged one already, and i give my word it was taken on the 30th Jan 2011. I`m off Monday morning and will blog from the States while away. Good luck with the weather everyone and although the weather will be just the same for me i won`t be on board a boat.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs