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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


As i mentioned on a previous blog the floor was found to be the coldest place on the boat and as soon as temperatures went down to freezing point my feet became very cold and as the temp dropped further the coldness crept above my ankles.  Having decided against carpet on the grounds that the original wood floor was so easy to sweep and mop over another wood floor was to be laid on top. This time i would be using an underlay of  10mm felt squares to stop the cold coming up through the floor and freezing my tootsies.
In the first picture i have removed the TV unit and the steps as i wanted to cover as much of the floor as possible. The door of the coal hole beneath the stove is removed to be shortened to pass over the new higher floor.

As most of you know and the rest can imagine working on a narrowboat is not easy space wise,  in picture 2 i have laid the floor far enough across to be able to refit the TV & steps. This now means the space they occupied can now have the floor laid onto it. 

The 3rd picture shows another use for the dinette with the chair not taking up working space and providing a safe resting place for the TV and stereo speakers. The walkway down the side of the dinette has now had the new floor laid and the next stage is behind the dinette and through the galley.
Thoughts of the small bathroom with it`s many odd shapes now haunt me but surely if the loo went in it must come out to allow the floor to go down. The bath panel comes out so that just leaves an angled wall, i feel a headache coming on.
So the front end of the boat is complete with just the edging strips to be laid. The last 2 days have been so hard on my body and it complained so much through my back and knees i decided today was a rest day so it can go back into retirement.  Oh well i think the worse part is over as the rest is narrow all the way to the stern and no dismantling........the loo! It`ll be me i`m a boater.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs