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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Mr Tal Yarkoni, does that name ring any bells. Has he commented on your blog,maybe not but for sure he might just have been silently reading our witterings not because he has any interest in boating but in the words we use.
It seems that the words we use or at least the frequency of them go a long way to showing our personalities.

Extroverts will use the words `mouth`, `bar`, `drinks` and `dancing` a lot.
If you have an Open personality the words `folk`, `poetry`or `poet`, `humans` will feature in your writings.
Agreeables are most likely to say  `wonderful`,`morning`, `spring` and `together`.
Conscientious personalities like `completed`,`adventure`, `stupid` and `boring`.
Are you Neurotic? check your blog for the words `awful`, `though` ,`lazy`, `worse` or `depressing`.

Mr Yarkoni is a lead researcher at the University of Colorado and has made a study of 700 blogs so you might have unwittingly been a research subject.

Just think about what personality you are if;  the words from your mouth to folk at the bar with drinks after dancing till morning spring together like poetry though not completed sound boring and stupid even depressing to humans out for an adventure.

If this had not been an American based research i might have looked at it with more interest but i sense it might have been financed by a Psychiatry association  aimed at convincing folk they need a shrink.
I have just read back my post and apart from the quoted words from the article i have  myself used the word `folk` so according to Mr Yarkoni  i have an open personality. I won`t be seeking a shrink as i have my own personal physician Dr. Jaq.  s.w.m.b.o  who will guide me gently through life and blogging.
Mr Yarkoni sums up;
`If you complain a lot when you`re around your offline friends, you may very well complain about similar things on your Blog. Our personalities don`t dramatically change just because we`ve turned on our computers`.
I don`t suppose you will comment on this post as you`ll be far to busy checking your blog postings but if you do establish a pattern in your writings be brave and tell us but also ask your partner if the your writing is a reflection of yourself.
 As for my checking back posts i have a saying;
I am what i am and if you don`t like it What you see/read is me.

So what`s new on the water road post ice age. Well the diesel tank is full as is the water tank and the stove has plenty of food. The captain of this good vessel is counting the days to take off to the states (18 days) and will not be travelling to far away as the worry of another freeze and not being able to reach my booked marina is at the front of my mind.
What i intend to do is lay another well insulated floor in the boat to stop my feet getting cold something that only happens when temps. go down to freezing but that for me is not good enough as i want to be comfortable in my home. I`ll keep you posted as to how it goes.

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