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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Un stapled but not un hinged

Well yesterday was an ordeal having to make the trip down to London and have the remaining 42 staples removed from the wound. Luckily the lovely Angela drove me down and back. Even the very small amount of effort it took for me to walk from the car up to the first floor completely whacked me out and by the time we got back I was wiped out completely and just slept till morning. This is for sure worst than the bowel cancer op.

The surgeon was not amused that the visiting nurses were not dressing the wound correctly. It seems the wound has to be kept open slightly by packing a small amount of gauze into the open wound to enable it to keep draining and not seal up yet. 
Anyway he showed me what to do so I could make sure the visiting nurses understood, all is now well with a nurse having visited today.
All the questions I asked the one I forgot was how does the wound heal if kept open to drain. I guess once it stops draining it can be left un packed. Any previous patients/medics out there any idea?

I will E mail the surgeons clinical assistant in the next few days for an answer but any thoughts from you would be interesting.

Another CT scan is to be done soon as a final check all is well within.

Anyway many many thanks to you all out there it is so appreciated be it just your thoughts via comments or your actions, a big thank you.
We are in Cow Roast marina and any body passing by is most welcome, just don`t ask me to dance....yet.......i`m working on it you can bet on that.

By the time this all comes to an end and we once again cruise the canals we will have had two years decent boating taken from us. Please remember none of us is immortal so if you never use the boat in winter or perhaps always fancied that particular canal do it now, who knows what is around the corner.
I will get fit and will continue doing what I love but I do realise it could have been so different. I have been lucky.

Happy boating everyone.


Anonymous said...

Les your attitude is Fantastic!! Yes it's good advice ... do it while you can and celebrate that you can. Stuff happens and you want to die with as few regrets as possible.

Keep up your fight you two and you'll welcome spring with great joy.

Pullman Karen

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear good news. We are thinking about visiting Burgundy to try a little cruising but I was dithering. Your good advice may have made me decide :)
Love to you both,


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Good advice, Les, life is too short and too uncertain not to take every opportunity that is presented or that we generate - that goes for experiences as well as making the most of our loving relationships.
Take extra good care of each other, you two - it has been an extremely stressful time for you both, and there is no more time to waste on ill-health and fear! Love and happiness are far more uplifting, eh?
M&D xxoo

Anonymous said...

Relax now together you two in the cosy snugness of the lovely nb Valerie. Rest and sleep are great for recovery, mixed with plenty of Love of course!
Ann and the Cabin Boy,
nb Oakfield xx

MikeW said...

Sorry L and B
I didn't realise you were in the marina. Just shows how much attention I've been paying though I have been distracted of late by my sacroilliac joint which apparently is buggered to use the technical term. Anyway I can drive so if you need owt just holler.

Mike & Phill said...

Right on, Bro!
Mike & Phill

Unknown said...

Hi Les, in reference to the wound being kept open..... my understanding is that it not only enables the wound to 'drain' but also to 'heal from the inside out wards thus avoiding a cavity under the skin which could potentially become an infection. Thats how it was explained to me anyway mate.
Best wishes to you both.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs