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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Moored up for the foreseeable future

We had the intention of getting back to the mooring outside Cow Roast marina that we occupied when I had the bowel cancer surgery last year. Jaq did walk up to check the mooring and perhaps find out if the boats would be vacating soon but had no luck finding any one on board.

The pound we were in had a leakage problem bad enough that CRT had banned the locks being used 4pm through till 8am the following day. It had no affect as a cruiser went through about 7pm and ended up with it`s bow fender stuck on the gate. This came to light when a woman banged on the boat some hour or so into the saga asking for a little bit of muscle to help shift the boat. Just lifting my top soon sent her away apologising. They did eventually get moving.

So Jaq was back and forth closing gates to the rear of us and letting water in ahead otherwise we were at a terrific angle as the boat settled on the bottom. As soon as a boat had passed us we knew within 30 minuets that they had left the gate open allowing the water to leak through the top gates coupled with the mysterious leak in the canal itself soon bottomed the boat.
So the decision was made to go into Cow Roast Marina for at the moment an undetermined period of time. We have all services needed, steady water level, good access for nurses to visit and Mr. Tesco can deliver to the back door of the boat.

We have had already several visitors from the great bunch we made friends with last year. Robert popped in, Angela is due tomorrow and Mike turned up this morning with the Sunday paper.

I have an appointment for Tuesday at the Royal Free hospital to have the remaining 42 staples out and to see what happens about the open wound that still has a small amount draining from it.

As for me, well I have felt better each day since coming out of hospital and have NO pain just overwhelming tiredness that is soon solved by closing my eyes on the world.

I have just read through all the comments again having only glanced via the phone over the last week or so.
My one answer to you all is Thank you all so much.


Sue said...

I'm feeling happier now xx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Love you loads, Biggs, old buddy, and we especially love that crazily amazing woman you are married to!
Tough times and you are both handling it, tough though it is.
Good decision to be in a marina, methinks. M&D xox

Unknown said...

Being in a marina is a great place to convalesce Les, less pressure on Jaq too with amenities more readily available. Gives you time to build up your strength till you feel able to resume cruising. Good to hear you are progressing mate. All the best.
Dave (Bracken)

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs