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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Any idea what this is?

No prizes but your thoughts and suggestions would be most welcome. This was photographed on the River Stort.
In case a quick look has given you the idea I`m asking after the boat, you`re wrong. Not sure but it seems a DIY job on perhaps what was an old wood cabin on a steel shell. Whatever the construction I think someone has made them self a nice home.
So focus on the wooden gantry to the rear of the boat.

Some of the ropes are to give support to the wooden gantry but another is for raising and lowering the brown box.
The pipe emerging at the bottom is plastic and my first thought was what is in there that needs draining?
Now my thoughts and suggestions to follow but please throw some ingredients into the mixing bowl.
It can`t be a fridge as the sun would bake whatever you put in side.
Maybe they heard about Jaq`s dessert eating dog and it`s their dessert cooler like Squirrel proof bird feeders.
My guess is it`s a solar water heater like the camping ones Here. Men when you click the link remember the deal is the water bag only.
So say the box is lined with a black waterproof liner, as appears to be at the top, and has the pipe attached. Would the water inside get hot enough being in the box?
If it is a solar water heater is the pipe just to perhaps fill a bowl to do the dishes or to have a wash. I can`t imagine someone standing under it having a shower.
Looking closer i think the box is metal not wood so yes it would heat up water inside.
Over to you. 


John Witts said...


I wonder if it's an old fashioned meat safe?

In the days before refridgeration, such items were common on north facing walls in the back yards of houses. In the winter, they kept meat cold and also out of reach of sly dessert-eating hounds, foxes and other predators (they could be locked against the light-fingered human too).

They could be used as ice-boxes in summer too, though a drain would be needed for the melt-water......

Perhaps this boater is sufficiently 'off-grid' to not want to over-tax the battery bank with a 12 volt fridge, and has just re-invented the meat-safe?

Or, of course, it could very well be an improvised flux capacitor for the boat's warp drive.......


Andy Burridge said...

It's difficult to tell where the other end of the blue rope goes. If it's attached to the bank, maybe its secondary purpose could be for the tank/box to act as a counterweight to hold the boat tight against the bank when the boat is unattended.

Les Biggs said...

Hi John
Not sure about the ice box.Where would the ice come from if he was keeping off grid.
The sun would bake it at some part of the day so the meat safe is out.
So we shall go with the flux capacitator. I`m sure it will become top of all boaters `must have` list.

Les Biggs said...

hi Andy
No, mooring ropes work better.

Unknown said...

Les, A counterweight can work as an energy capacitator or storage bank. overproduction or surplus energy is used to raise or fill the water counterweight and possibly generated via gravity/ outflow when needed. I have plans to create something similar with an old style water tower here in the states. And now to Jac, do you want a Graham Cracker emergency shipment? You see Les has some good Karma stored up with me as he helped me out with some pictures of a spot I was interested in a while back. He almost made a detour down to orange county California to go catboat sailing. this was just before he went up to meet you the first time. Just let me know where to send the package.
Mark A. Haverland
Costa Mesa, California.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mark
Not sure of your theory but interesting anyway. Perhaps the chap just keeps his eggs in the box or perhaps it`s a chicken house, Foxproof.
Jaq says it`s Graham cracker CRUMBS in the baking aisle.
6 Holkham Close
United Kingdom

She sends you hugs.

Unknown said...

OK les, shopping this week end, mail next week. we will do the best we can. I do not know any specific brands but I will get what is here and send it there.
I thank you for your blog and all the pictures.
Mark and Ann Haverland,

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs