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Monday, July 16, 2012

Wet, wet wet.

Once again the rain falls and we stay moored. Just because we are Continuous Cruisers does not mean we must move in such conditions, although plenty of boats do and they are not all hire boats. As we tend to moor mostly away from the busy spots we have a 14 day window for moving, so rain do your worst--Jaq and I will just laugh and joke the days away until it dries up. I mean let`s be honest retirement is meant to be relaxing, slow, happy--and I will add dry--so standing on the stern getting soaked is not on my fun list.
At the moment we are close to Sandbach and Jaq wants to visit on market day (Thurs) so the rain means we will not have moved too far come Thursday. We left Middlewich and stayed one night at Wheelock. The weather for yesterday looked promising so we set off to find a good spot to catch up on the laundry.

Two locks and half a mile on we found a wide piece of towpath to set up the washing line without obstructing the walkers passing by. The clouds darkened as the sun (remember that hot thing shining down from the sky) kept popping behind the clouds but the rain kept away and Jaq got three machine loads dry. Oh well it was nice while it lasted a whole day without rain. So now we both sit here working on our Laptops with no desire to go anywhere.

 When we moored up well away from the locks we had the towpath to ourselves in both directions but within two hours it had turned into a mini marina with 3 in front and one behind.      The one in front is about 35 feet away but that didn`t stop the lady on board walking back as I sat on the front deck to check if her engine was noisy for us. When you get people like that it endorses the community within which we live. I just love this stress free life, to quote Jaq, bliss. 
We had a basic plan to go on the Caldon canal but my worry is that with all this rain the section the River Churnet shares with the Caldon will be impassable.

Just an update on the Cyst; With Jaq`s hot compresses it has opened up and is draining daily. Yuk! that`s all you want to know other than Jaq is taking good care of me. Thanks to everyone for your concern.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs