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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Into the jungle, it`s raining.

Mooring up a bit quick because of a sudden downpour of rain  seems to be normal this summer and we have ended up moored against some very overgrown towpaths. The plus side of this is others tend not to stop so you get an exclusive mooring. Looking out the galley window gave the impression we had moored in the Amazon jungle but Jaq said  she loved the lush colours and not to cut it back. The views across the canal were open fields affording plenty of light in the boat.  Getting on and off the boat is easily solved, the solution is to cut yourself a path with a pair of hedge trimmers at the back and front of the boat to make access easy.
So where has our summer gone? We made a move today about 1pm after a morning of rain and just 3 hours later the rain drives us to moor up. Several times we have moved short distances because of the rain. I am thinking i might change our status from Continuous Cruiser to Live aboard Cruiser. As we don`t see the need to cruise in the rain it seems that lately there is nothing Continuous about our cruising although we are covering a lot of ground albeit slower than normal.

Looking across from our jungle mooring the unpredictable weather and the last rays of the Sun as it sets produced some nice views. I don`t think the pictures do justice to the views we have in this wonderful life.

I think we might go on the Caldon next but we have yet to confirm dates with visitors from the U.S. as we think the Macclesfield will be easy to access by train from London.

1 comment:

Sue /Boatwif said...

Hi Les, See my email Thursday afternoon to Jaq: Congleton might be an easy meeting point for your visitors arriving by train...
Sue /Boatwif

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs