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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Entering Manchester, Castlefield basin

The famous Manchester United football stadium canal side.

First glimpse of the Manchester Ship Canal from the Bridgewater canal.

A little further on and a Metrolink tram crosses the canal on it`s way to Salford Quays.

Pomona lock on the left goes down to the ship canal. On the right Hulme lock the original route to the ship canal.

High rise blocks of flats(apartment buildings) from the canal
 and from the air.

 Dominating the skyline as we enter is the Hilton hotel towering 47 storeys and 550feet above the Manchester skyline.
Only the first 22 floors make up the hotel above this are apartments.
How about a 2 bedroom on the 35th floor for £239,000 ($358,000). Not quite good enough?
 Ok a 3 bedroom Penthouse is for you at £795,000 ($1187,000) Well I am sorry if your still not happy but you are to late. I have bought the 3 storey apartment on floors 44 to 46 for £3,700,000 ($5.5million) give or take a dollar.

Middle warehouse in the basin.

We are moored 3rd on the right. Just to my right steps lead up to street level and 5 mins walk into the heart of Manchester.

This is towards the end of the Castlefield basin and was once Grocers Warehouse. It was partly rebuilt in 1987. Below is how it would have looked. The goods would be lifted from the boats that
.were moored inside the arches through hatches(picture right) up to the required floor.
This was all done by a water powered winch.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs