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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Question time on the Shroppie

Just a short trip across from our mooring opposite the Shroppie Fly to the services. Topping up the water tank was first then dump the rubbish(trash). This service area being in front of the pub and the nice weather encouraging people to sit outside leaves the boater wide open for the usual questions of "do you really live on it" " can you go to London on the canal" and the old chestnut "is it cold in winter". I have never minded the questions always thinking back to when I asked a thousand questions of boaters when doing my pre boat owner research. An original question came up today with a lady walking up and down several times eyeing our huge wood stock. Through the window i heard her say to a friend that a passing boat also had a chimney. On going out on deck "excuse me but are all the boats steam driven because they all have chimneys"
Then a regular occurrence was taking place as i looked to the stern. A lady was standing near the boat and a another lady was trying all sorts of angles to take a picture. " Let me guess, your name is Valerie" i said. Of course having seen this scenario a thousand times before I said for her to stand on the back and get a good photo with the name. Jaq is just getting used to people calling out as we cruise "are you Valerie".
So just 3 locks and about a mile and our cruise pauses for lunch at a spot I have always wanted to stop at but the scenery got to us and having sat in the chairs on the towpath looking at the view below we have decided to stay a couple of nights.

Still the short cruises are getting us used to the new cruising regulations coming soon.


Sue /Boatwif said...

Hi Jaq & Les, Glad to see that you resolved your blog difficulties. Technology - a boon or a nightmare, rarely much in between...! Puzzled by your remark "short regulations coming soon." Do you know something we don't know? Waterway specific or more widespread regulations?? We'll be on Cheshire canals next week - any restrictions you've heard of in that area?
Sue /Boatwif

Les Biggs said...

Hi Sue
Nobody picked up on that except your good self. Step forward for a prize.
No panic on your plans so just enjoy and I will publish my findings.

Unknown said...

Ah a place I know well. Used to spent some nice afternoons there when I was living in Crewe. My friend was there with her son last Monday. Just back from my lovely weeks cruising. Was so lucky with the weather. Definitely found my boat builder I think. Hate being back on dry land. Loved the Trent and Mersey. Booking for next year so we can have a wander up the Coventry.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs