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Monday, March 12, 2012

Keep it clean, keep it filtered.

You all know the meaning of  BOAT, Bring Out Another Thousand. Keeping the heart of your boat pumping away below decks can result in a big cash outlay for the non DIY boaters amongst us.

A straight forward service can add up to a hefty bill with filters being of no small part of the total. I am the service mechanic for Nb Valerie and as such search out the best prices for filters. Now probably a lot of you are already aware that the oil and fuel filters used on boats are also used on road vehicles, remember engine manufacturers make engines not filters. So if you think your branded high price filter is the only one that`s not.

Ok i can hear you saying `yes Les we know all this`. Well I am just trying to help those who like myself years back sought out the branded filters until another boater put me on the right road.

 Nb Valerie has a Vetus 4.15 engine and anyone will tell you Vetus parts probably no different to any other engine are expensive.
Left to right in the picture, electric lift pump, oil, fuel (metal drain plug) and last the water separator WS180. The 2 that I was most keen to get were the pump(left) and WS180(right) filters. Vetus dealer prices are £10 and £37 respectively, those above £3.99 and £13.99.
Altogether on 4 filters the price difference was £46 and as you can see I have a stock.

One of the reasons I blogged this was the fact the outlet was 10/15 mins walk from the boat moored near Acton Trussell on the Staffs. and Worc. canal so no worries of mailing.
Filtermania can supply practically any marine filters, Barrus, Beta, Bmc, Bukh, Hatz, Isuzu, Lister, Russel newberry, Nanni, the list goes on. They are also on E Bay.

I have no connection with Filtermania and the only reason for this blog is to help others.  I will say though the plug might not have been so big but for the fact that Lee the M.D. was so helpful assisting the sales desk switching stock around to accommodate my multiple order and it was nice chatting after  the transaction.

So as I said a short walk from Mill Lane Acton Trussell bridge 93, there is a bus or if you moor soon after bridge 94 there is a path across the field.


Nev Wells said...


Good post thank you, however I recently got mine from MC and no doubt paid well over the odds !

I will look to price them up next time. This was my first service so I wanted to get the right bits. I think there will be a run on marine diesel filters after the recent episode of All at sea where Tim Spall diesel filter was shocking !! Mine looked so much cleaner but I do not do many hours - yet ! Nev

John Witts said...

Never fear about passing on a money saving tip, Les!

Pippin's beta 50 is due a service and I'll definitely be contacting Filtermania.



Mike Muir said...

Les, thank you, we needed to know this a source, I will price shop, but having another source to check is not a bad thing.
5 weeks to go, yay!!
Mike in Garnet

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mike
Yep not long now and you`ll be flying across the pond to start a new life.

Les Biggs said...

Never a bad idea with the diesel bug to change the filters more often than usual. So sourcing a cheap filter is a must.
Filtermania sell to chandlers!!!!!

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs