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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bloggers a locking.

We are back blogging although we are using the old post editor to load pictures and then the new one to do everything else. I am so confused and p....d off with blogger that I am not sure if that is how we are blogging now but i think it is. Many thanks to you all for your input and we might just pick your brains again as we try to rectify the problems.

Having spent a few days at the top we have this morning descended the Audlem flight and are outside the Shroppie Fly. On the way down the flight we first met fellow bloggers Janet and Dai on Nb JandaI
and not to far behind Mo and Ness on Nb Balmaha. While at the top of the flight both crews had walked up for a chat.

Jaq decided to do all the locks today and as is usual with our ladies she got chatting to a lady and it appears there will be restrictions on the flight. Not sure if this will be just for the Easter holiday rush or not but there is no sign of water shortage here. Waterscape is not showing any restrictions so perhaps they might have a volunteer lock keeper trying to organise the boats and save a bit of water. Not sure if BW have heard the phrase "prevention is better than cure" so i can`t believe they are going to put a lockey on some of the flights. Horse/Gate comes to mind.  In fact a lot of gates leak badly but the by washes were flowing fast so I can only assume water is being pumped back to the top of the flight costing a fortune in electricity charges.

So just a short move as I want to take Jaq in the Shroppie Fly because usually on a Monday there is a music get together of many musicians who move pub to pub for an ad hoc get together.
Also we need to get used to not cruising so much when the new regulations come in. Having to limit our hours is going to be a pain. 

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs