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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Brewood below is a nice little village to stop off for a few supplies as besides the usual mini-supermarket it has a butcher, greengrocer and tiny bakers.

Wheaton Aston bridge 19 must be one of the cheapest places on the cut to fill up with diesel at 46.9ppl. The black pointed roof at the top of the steps is a small garage roadside that must get agricultural sales and one of the fill hoses comes right down to the canal. The garage also sells boat chandlery and offers engine repairs.

A nice 10 min stroll from High Onn Wharf at bridge 25 is the village of Church Eaton. The10 mins actually stretched to 25 as i leaned on a 5 bar gate watching a buzzard gliding back and forth across a field looking i guess for a meal. My thoughts were he might get lucky and give me my first sighting of a magnificent bird of prey striking, but it was not to be as the crows started to chase him off. Nice way to pass the time on a sunny day all the same.
Church Eaton or Eitoine as in the Domesday book of 1086 has just the one pub remaining of 5 over the centuries, the Royal Oak is now owned by a village consortium but i wonder after seeing so many pubs shut down if this will be enough for it to survive.
St Editha dates back to the 11C and is believed to be dedicated to the daughter of Alfred the Great. It has 5 bells in the tower and a stained glass window that takes up most of the east wall.

Looking around the graves this one caught my eye as it states the Reverends wife was 512 years old when she passed on. Just as i was reading this a local came by and told me the story was the Stonemason put the 1 by mistake so filled it in putting the 2 straight after but time and mother nature have caused his infill to outfall with the 512 showing today.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs