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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Have now come off the Llangollen and stopped at Nantwich so that Tina`s mum Sandra.....hi Sandra.............could catch a bus to Crewe for her journey home. Sandra arrived at Wrenbury for a weeks holiday and we cruised part of the Llangollen, Shropshire Union and Middlewitch Arm.
I was looking through the pictures taken in recent weeks and decided to blog some of the ones of unusual things like the pub landlady who collects teapots and the floating canal shop but at the moment sitting here in the middle of nowhere the sun shining through the windows and needing the binoculars to see the only building(a farm) in any direction i can`t get a strong enough signal to download pics onto the blog. Tried the first and gave up after 20 mins.
So i`ll just bore you by chattering on. Have some pics of a white duck with her brood of golden fluffy chicks, some goslings and although cygnets are about now have not got a good pic YET.
Funny how when you have all the time in the world you notice more of the nature side of life. You see the nests being constructed and the mating rituals and then the babes start to appear.
It`s life and death happening around you something that when you charge around driving all day like i was pre-retirement you just don`t notice.
I say life and death because only a couple of days ago i watched as 3 males mated with a duck and because all 3 were fighting to be the ` one` they ended up drowning her. This is common and often females can be seen floating by.
Another instance was a duck with a brood of 6 chicks that she led upon the towpath and then went back to retrieve a dead chick and brought it upon the towpath and all 7 ended up sheltering from the cool evening beneath her wings. The following morning she had gone off and the dead one was laying on the grass.
Had any rain your way today? Had a few showers earlier but the thunder could be heard in the distance and by the black clouds i would think just to the north of Birmingham had a wet day.
The comments problem seems to have been solved and i now ok comments before they get on the blog. One i did refuse said just `YAY` so i binned it. If you want to say something say it, if not just read and enjoy because as i`ve said in the past the blog is mainly for the family and g`children but all are welcome if it brings you pleasure.
Right thats it gonna go for a stroll and come back for a cuppa and watch something on the tv.
Bye hope i didn`t bore anyone.
Love to the little ones
Jordan, Nicole, Kiera, Lena May, Jack, Teo, Keirnan xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Les
Say hello to Tina, Andy & John.
I got home to rain, rain & more rain until Thursday & Friday which which have been quite nice.
Look forward to pics when you're able.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Trust the guys in Wales treated you well and you experienced the Cymraeg hospitality, you should know by now you cannot believe all you hear!! After coming from the South it must have been a welcome!!

What has happened to the site? How has the format changed?

Enjoy the summer and take care.


Les Biggs said...

Hi Handy
Wales was great nice scenery but hardly heard a welsh word spoken.
I have changed the blog layout and am trying to add a pic to the heading plus some other bits but computers baffle me so it`ll take time.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Sandra
Never mind the wet, at least when you were here for your week it was decent weather.

Unknown said...

Reminds me of a time I was walking along the canal, we got to the first lock after Bunbury staircase (Going towards Chester) when a swan family (Mum, Dad and 5 signets) decided to sit themselves on the overflow for the lock. A man who lived in the cottages there tried to shoo them away as the water levels started to come back up, but of course the inevitable happened. The water level rose and 4 signets got washed through the pipe to the bottom of the lock.
He rushed back to his cottage, got a fishing net, run to the bottom of the lock and plucked them out with the net as they all popped out of the overflow. I was with my friends daughter at the time, he got them out of the net, gave them to us to take back up to the parent Swans. We did (With lots of trepidation) but Mum and Dad had swum off, so we put them back into the canal and watched as they swam back to the parents. Once they had all safely climbed aboard Mums back, she swam over to us, lifted her wings to show us they were all safe and sound. I went through that lock about 7 months later and the family were still there, all but one of the signets had survived. It was a really nice experience for a townie like me!!

Les Biggs said...

Hi Carol
How strange you should tell this story as when we were returning from Chester at the top of Bunbury staircase 2 swans had a set to and the weaker one ended up over the overflow and ended up stuck in the drain that took the water down to the bottom lock. Although it wasn`t swept down the tunnel it could not get out of the drain in fact it could just lift its head over the edge. The RSPCA put us in touch with a swan rescue group who said they would be out asap.
Like your story better though.
As for the townie bit, i find all the things going on each day so much more enjoyable having been a townie for so long.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs