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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Just lately you may have noticed that the comments section has contained a large number of spam ie adverts. Also a lot of the blog content has been copied on to the comments section, this i am told is possible by cut and paste. The advert are electronicaly generated and affect a large number of blogs and as you know our e-mail inboxes, this i understand but what i can`t get my head round is why someone wants to add blog content onto the comments. Sad? Sick? Childish?
who knows.
Anyway my son Andy has cleared all the comments of late as he has a high speed Broadband connection and as the comments, some 80 plus have to be deleted one by one it would have taken me hours.
I have changed the comments part of my blog in a way that all comments have to be approved by me before they appear on the blog.
In no way does this mean i will pick and choose what i allow to be read. Other than the spam comments i have mentioned i will publish all comments from genuine readers even if i don`t agree with the content unless of course i think it might be offensive to anyone.
So to all genuine commenters nothing has changed except you will not see your comment as soon as you make it but i will publish them as soon as i can.


Anonymous said...

Dad, never mind keep up the good work on the fantastic blog of your world afloat and let the real people enjoy your new life.

Keep Blogging

Andy,Bev & Kid's

Anonymous said...

whole heartedly agree with the kids I follow you with interest

Anonymous said...

Sevral boating sites seem to have been hit by this sort of thing , i guss it is a sign of the times .
Some people have those squiggly letter thing to block them .
Your blogg is alway interesting and i enjoy reading it so i can only echo the above

Les Biggs said...

Hi Greywolf
Sorry late answering your comment, like to answer all.
Yes that squiqly thing is where you type in letters and then type in numbers you here then you can leave a comment. Bit long winded so i prefer my setup just comment and i read it and press a button and it appears. Cuts out all the rubbish.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs