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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Having crossed the Ponty Aqueduct we made a sharp left turn into the narrowest section so far that stretched 4 miles into Llangollen. First though after the high wire act we stopped next to a
small wood to have a cuppa and for Andy to give the dog a chance to release some of the tension of the crossing, poor thing must have looked out the window and thought she was flying.
So folks sit back and enjoy the views as we head into Llangollen but although you might think it lovely i can assure you that being there standing on the back of a boat on a sunny afternoon is 10 times better. Enjoy.

Leading the convoy is Andy on `YTENE`. If you look closely on the right he is just next to one of the passing bays marked by white posts. This last run into Llangollen has 2 narrow sections that take one boat at a time, one of which has no passing places and goes round many sharp bends and needs for someone to go ahead and make sure a boat isn`t on the way out. Tina is absent from her usual position next to Andy as she had gone ahead with the walkie talkie to give us the all clear.

Here comes John on `TUI`, told you it was narrow didn`t i.

Who says boats can`t go up mountains, mind the paintwork.

Just on the edge of town.

LLANGOLLEN town a view from the towpath. The main street crosses the R. DEE & the railway by a stone arched bridge.

Did you enjoy the trip, how many of you have thought about hiring a boat?. Well be warned this canal is one of perhaps even the most popular holiday canal. In mid summer especially school hols you could find yourself in a long convoy of boats with the most popular moorings being full.
Easter just gone (half term) the whole of Llangollen was full of boats with no moorings available which meant a long walk from out of town for late arrivals. Glad we kept well clear.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les

Enjoy keeping up with you all on your blog. These pics are lovely. I jealous. See you soon. Sandra

Les Biggs said...

Hi Sandra
Be nice to see you, and Tina is looking forward to your visit.
Have a safe journey.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs