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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Onto the Ashby canal

Friday saw us making our way from near Brinklow through Hawkesbury and onto the Ashby Canal. The boat is due to be pulled out of the water on Monday for a week. This will give me time to get the hull cleaned of all the Algae and other muck that has no right clinging to our home and then apply hopefully 4 coats of bitumen. More on this in future blogs.
Some pics from a few days ago and some from Friday.
Entered Newbold tunnel many, many times but this time on
our exit was this wonderful view. Very much against the boaters code to pass so as the chainsaw chippings show I took some to top up our winter stock. We were before the day was over to come across 2 more such sites so our return journey in about a week will be a lot slower and our roof more covered.
This fox came trotting towards us to the delight of Jaq as it was her first close encounter of the sly old English Fox. He just looked at us and carried on past.

This boat was adrift with no one on board and looking in the windows the reason was clear. It was almost bare of any furniture or fittings so either being fitted out by someone or it`s been plundered by persons unknown.

A nice Saturday spent in brilliant sunshine doing nothing but relaxing although i did walk into some out lying district of not sure where, perhaps Nuneaton, and found a shop to get Jaq a paper. It`s a Saturday thing for Jaq as she can check the TV listings for any thing of interest. She doesn`t mark off much to watch over the week.


Anonymous said...

So did you tie up the wandering boat or what? Rather dangerous to have it loose I would think!


antinady said...

Have fun blacking your bottom!!!!!

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Andy and Tina,
Now why does that suggestion sound naughty when you say it??!!! We got the first coat on! Next we do this, it will be in summer. Brrr!!! Take care you two and stay warm.
Love Jaq

Anonymous said...

I hope the cold weather hasn't hampered your blacking plans too much. Are you iced in yet? At least you've got a roof full of logs to keep the home fires burning!

antinady said...

Probably sounds naughty cos you know us!!!!! Hope you getting it done OK and bacon sandwiches have been forthcoming!!! Awaiting the thaw over the weekend - will be good to be able to get some running water again - tank a bit low now.
Did you get the ecards I sent?
Wishing you both a very happy christmas, and a happy healthy new year xxxx

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs