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Monday, December 03, 2012

On the move, a lovely feeling

On Saturday morning we set off from Napton having spent some time with friends Andy/Tina. We all had a lovely meal at the Kings Head just 5mins walk from the marina at bridge 109. The food was absolutely 1st class as was the service. The new landlords will do well as word soon gets around along the canal.

Along the puddle banks it was sad to see this boat sitting on the bottom. Five weeks back before the U.S. trip it was afloat but with signs it had recently been submerged.

 We carried on through Braunston seeking out a quiet spot to spend a couple of days to get back into the life we have missed. Saturday afternoon Jules and Richard came by on their fuel boat Towcester and we took the opportunity to take on 10 bags of Stoveglow and top up the fuel in our main tank and fill our emergency Jerry cans. The coal will last a long time as we burn wood during the daytime needing the coal just to keep the stove in overnight.
 Sunday morning the canal was covered in ice with temperatures down to 31F. It was not to long before a boat came along cutting through  and pushing large sheets of ice against our hull which if you were hearing it for the first time would convince you an earthquake was in progress.
 Monday morning and we are thinking of heading towards the  Rugby Tesco. Across the cut the Sheep graze in the heavy mist so tea and coffee consumed it starts raining so still here. Jaq had a Tesco delivery, ordered from Seattle as we waited for our flight, delivered to the marina before we left and forgot a few things. It was her first order so I must as always be patient.  Plan for the near future is to head towards the Ashby where we have a slipway booked for a week to black the boat below the waterline. Following this around mid December we move south on a slow cruise to London.


John Witts said...



Stoppages permitting, why not swing down through the Nene, The Middle Level, Denver Sluice and The Ouse and come and visit us on the Cam?

MUCH nicer than that there London....

Kettle's on...



Les Biggs said...

Hi John
Still trying to decide on a gold licence this coming year. We intend at the moment to do the Lee/Stort and now i`m thinking of how close we might be to you maybe by train/bus.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs