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Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome Home

It was back in October last year that British ex-pats Mike and Phillida came over from Canada to look at boats in preparation for retirement back in the UK. We communicated for a while via e-mail after Mike found the blog.


October 2011
It was great meeting them both last year and even better catching up with them now they are afloat.
We enjoyed their company for dinner aboard NB Valerie, and tea on both boats, with long, enjoyable conversations about canals and live-aboard life.  Finally it was time to part ways, but not before we found a half downed tree and shared the cutting of some wood for winter warmth.


Anonymous said...

Glad my long time friends Mike and Phil were able to connect, now both back in the UK to stay, on board Garnet.
I shall miss Mike's home produced brews and wines. And Phil's
happy joyful laughter as she pours tea again. They left me the proper large-scale map of the canals as well.
Maybe one of these days I shall venture back to the UK although as Mike will tell you, my physical mobility is not what it used to be. Chemo treatments for cancer
of ten does the patient only short term good, the after effects can be most interesting.
Before Railways came Canals, it was our joint interest in the former that now leads me to follow blogs about the latter.

Keep afloat dear friends; one of these days we al lshall mmet again.

Mike Muir said...

Les, thanks for helping get us some wood, split some about an hour ago, will finish it tomorrow, got a bit tired so decided to stop before I hit the wrong thing with axe.
Currently moored near Clifton upon Dunsmoor.
Mike, nb GARNET

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs