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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pictures and explanations

Just a few of the many pictures on the camera.

Spotting a lone sheep on this footbridge made me smile and wondering if the farmer knew his sheep were on walkabout. The footbridge connects two fields so the great escape failed. Seeing the congestion I guess they climbed the stairs but none fancied the descent on the other side.
George and Carol on Nb Rock `n` Roll stopped by for tea ,cake and a chat. Toilets were the main topic with George and Carol planning changes they showed great interest in our composting toilet. Eleven days our new loo has ben in use and we think it`s fantastic.

Having found more wood we found a quiet spot to split it all. Back in February we filled the roof box with wood that needed to dry out. This latest find was Willow and needed to be dryed so it was a case of swopping the box contents for the fresh cut wood. This fresh wood will remain in the box until this time next year.

This post is common along the canal system and for those that are unaware I will explain. The mooring bollard tells us this is a recognised mooring place. Above the Green arrow pointing to the right it states 14 days without charge. Ignore the reference to charge our licence includes mooring on 99% of the canal system. So to the right we can stay moored for 14 days. Lower down the post it states that mooring to the left is 48 hours maximum. The 48 section is because it is a popular area near a flight of locks, a large pub and a nice village that many might, and in fact do, visit. So the message is moor away from the attraction and you can stay longer, fair enough.
Now the question I have is the picture was taken out of the side window about mid way along Nb Valerie. So can one half of the boat stay 48hrs and the other 14 days?  Perhaps after 48hrs I could turn the boat around and move the over staying part into the 14 day! After 96 hours I would have run out of options. We moved after the 48hrs but i wonder how the trust would view it all.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs