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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Now Jaq and I have married the Spouse Visa application process that will enable Jaq to enter the UK and remain can begin. The back up paperwork that accompanies the application is mounting with bank details and much more from both sides. I even have to prove my ownership of the boat as that will be our residence.

We have done a lot of research over the past 3 months and one of the things that came up via an ex-pats site on the net was that if when submitting your application the passport was in the married name this would be a big help to establishing your application as being genuine and not just a marriage of convenience to gain entry. So that has been our top priority and the passport has been away for a week with only a guarantee of it`s return within 2-3 weeks even though we paid $60 to fast track it.
Uk border require Jaq`s biometrics to be taken before visa application is submitted.
The passport is needed for the biometrics.
An appointment is needed for the biometrics but we need the passport back first.

Jaq has managed last week to grab online an appointment for the 6th July. No other dates were available in July. So our thoughts have been if the passport is not back we wait till August for the biometrics. Now this girl i`ve married is no bimbo, she has kept an eye on the appointment site and grabbed what we can only assume is a cancelled appointment for the 13th July that was back on the calendar so we now have an extra week for the passport to arrive.

I am now in my 6th week as a non smoker, piece of cake? doddle? easy?.  NO, bloody hard just going cold turkey but i can only say the urge to have a smoke only crops up now and again and for sure the worst is over. I really feel that it would be so easy to have `just one` and screw up 6 weeks of resisting so i`m now fighting that voice in my head "you can go without for 6 weeks so have one and stop again after".
I did buy some Liquorice root, sure it was called Spanish Wood when i was at school,  to chew but it didn`t help so it was back to sheer will power.

Sitting out on the back deck here in Pullman something amongst the Wheat crop caught my eye as it came

down out of the high ground stopping for water. Binoculars  revealed a Coyote that was aware of me but still came quite close before turning away keeping a safe distance from all the homes backing onto his territory.

Robins here are quite common but are much bigger than our little Christmas card star.

Red Winged Blackbird is not only common but makes a hell of a noise.

Black and White hooped jail bird is not so common. This is one of a pair on day release from the local county jail (average population 45) doing some gardening at public buildings in Colfax.

Jaq has asked me to apologise if you have not been able to find her blog, the problem was that by accident she deleted it when setting up a new e mail address. Her present e mail will be lost when she stops using her Internet provider so she signed up to a G Mail address and deleted the old e mail that was also the blog sign in and thereby deleted the blog. Anyway Google have after a lot of  fuss re-instated the blog. What bothers me now sitting here typing this is if we use e mail and password to sign in to our blogs can anyone tell me/us what happens when Jaq`s old e mail is no longer live i.e. when she ceases paying her Internet provider.
Jaq`s blog is here but i warn you Jaq is a writer and this blog post exceeds all others for length ( it includes the wedding) so fill your vacuum flask and make some sarnies before clicking the link.



John Witts said...

Just finished reading Jaq's account of the wedding, Les!

Now it's time for breakfast.......

Hang tough on the not smoking. You are doing so well!

John (wb Pippin)

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Well done Les on reaching your six week mark as a none smoker! I promise it will get easier, I crawled the walls at times but was determined I wasn't going to give in to the dreaded weed. I now don't even think about it, even if in the company of other smokers. Keep up the good work, I am sure the new "Mrs" is chuffed your doing so well!!

Ps the wedding photo's are fab of you both,congrats again!

Les Biggs said...

Hi John
it was a bit long but writers are like that, on on on
still Jaq does a good job detailing it all.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Debbie
We are both chuffed about the smoking or lack of it and i`m even more chuffed that i am finding driving on the right over here is not a problem.

Jenny said...

Now this is puzzling, you're somewhere in the British canal system according to your locator, but you're photographing a lot of non Brit stuff on your travels....

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Les is doing brilliantly at not smoking, and driving on the other side. He's fabulous at completing Honey DO lists to get the house in great shape for sale. He comes up with brill fix it's and he can do almost anything requiring tools. Les is a warm, funny, lovely partner. I am getting used to being chauffered to work in the morning! Here's to married life. :)

Anonymous said...


Les Biggs said...

Hi Jenny
If you have been a regular blog reader you would know i`m in the USA having just married here.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Annon
Sorry your tired or bored. Do yourself a favour and enjoy your life in your way and stay away from things that cause you to yawn.
Life is for living so enjoy, but be warned it`s very short so try to smile instead of yawning.

Les Biggs said...

Hello Mrs Biggs

Sue said...

Lovely pictures you two, I enjoyed them very much.

To change the email addresses on your blogspot blogs.

1. Go Dashboard/settings/permissions.

2. Add Authors

3. Add author with NEW email.

4. Make this new email administrator.

5. Delete old email later

That should do it


Andy biggs said...
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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs