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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding pics and the service.

Here are some more pics from the hundreds we are lucky to have been given by friends and family. There are so many different ways that a Wiccan wedding can be performed that i shall leave you all to do your Googling.
 I have posted the whole ritual for our wedding HERE and those taking an active part feature in the following pictures.
 The vows that make the it all a legal ceremony are as follows;
 Do you, Les, take Jaqueline to be your wife,
to be her constant friend,
her partner in life, and her true love;
To love her without reservation,
honor and respect her,
protect her from harm,
comfort her in times of distress,
and to grow with her in mind and spirit?
Les: I do

Of course these words mean nothing if not said in front of not only 2 witnesses but also an ordained minister recognised by the  State here in the U S that you are getting married. A very close friend of Jaq, Patti, got herself ordained on line and so ensured the legality of the marriage.
Un-like the UK the venue for the ceremony does not have to be approved here and enabled us to have an open air service in amongst some stunning scenery high up on Kamiake Butte.

The exchange of rings;
Les, as you slip the ring on Jaqueline’s finger, repeat after me: I, Leslie Charles Biggs; in the name of the spirit of love which resides within us all; by the life that courses within my blood; and the love that resides within my heart; take thee Jaqueline Marie Almdale; to my hand, my heart, and my spirit to be my lawfully wedded wife. To desire thee and be desired by thee; to possess thee, and be possessed by thee; as a token of our love. I promise to love thee wholly and completely without restraint; in sickness and in health; in plenty and in poverty; in this life and beyond; where we shall meet, remember, and love again. I shall not seek to change thee in any way. I shall respect thee; thy beliefs, thy people, and thy ways as I respect myself.

Myself not having any strong religious beliefs found the ceremony very easy to take part in and that`s all i want to say as to compare ceremonies of  several beliefs i`ve attended over the years would not be right here. The Wiccan ceremony was what my lovely Jaq wanted and that`s all that mattered to me.
In the pictures the parts played by people referred to in the text can be read in full at the wedding ritual link HERE.

The ceremony over Mr. & Mrs. make their way down the hill.
The backdrop beats a UK registry office garden anytime.

Myself and the Reverend Patti

Sarah represents West/Water and also Invokes the Goddess.

Adelina not only represented North/Earth but also smudged people entering the circle.

Has your Reverend kissed you lately?

Handfasting part of the ritual.

On the left Steve who brought the Bride to the ceremony and on the right his wife Rev. Patti.

Bill representing South/Fire and also Invokes the God.

Karen who `gives over the bride`.

Jaq`s family, Michael left was holder of the rings-Jaq- Sparky caste the circle, East/Air, anoint of Rose Oil and most of all was my best Girl making sure i arrived etc. To the right of me Jesse holding Connor husband Ben at the back and front of picture Matthew 3rd son of Jesse & Ben.

Jaq and Myself with daughter Shiery (Sparky) in the middle

Jaq and I taking Communion wine.

Just before the Communion begins using Bread and Wine.


John Witts said...

Many, many, many congratulations to you both!!

With love, John and Jackie (wb Pippin).xx

Mich said...

To Jaq and Les
May you have many years of good health, happiness, good luck, wealth and sunshine together. I have so enjoyed sharing your journey together
Michelle n.b Just Imagine

Les Biggs said...

Thankyou John and Michelle, your good wishes are so nice.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs