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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The stay at Marsworth ended Friday lunchtime with the arrival of the new mattress. Typically all my instructions had been ignored and pure luck brought me face to face with the delivery driver as i waved off daughter in law Joanne after a visit. I had given the White Lion pub as a postcode with instructions of the boat being moored alongside the car park, included my name, boat name and phone number.  When i got the mattress aboard all it had was my name and the pub address so anyone at the pub would have just said sorry not here driver.

Anyway the few days stay at Marsworth were pleasant enough and Jaq enjoyed the church both inside and out as i`ve always known the door to be un-locked at marsworth.
Carol one of the followers made her second visit to NB Valerie this time on her way back from the Crick show with g`son Kai and her lovely friend whose name escapes me. Once again Carol arrived with cakes, lovely to see you Carol with or without cakes.x

Jaq liked this boat name as she is not just a Medicinal Herbalist but also a Green Witch. Our outdoor wedding will be a Wiccan ceremony as well as a legally binding service.

Stoke Breurne was busy as this coming w`end is Gala Weekend Plus Thursday 9th Mikron Theatre will be performing on the green next to the Museum.

Having been a solo boater for the past 5 years everything on board was allocated a home by me but during the past 3 weeks a few things seem to have moved to new moorings within the boat.  The lady

in the picture is responsible and has my full support in doing so. I know the saying is `if it aint broke don`t fix it` but sometimes things will work better in a new position and now my say in how things function is now on a 50/50 basis. As this pic shows Jaq in the galley i will just mention my diet has taken a turn for the better as Jaq once run her own catering business.

On the way through Bugbrooke we saw Moore 2 Life moored up but no sign of Chas or Ann so not wanting to miss the chance of a chat with 2 lovely people we moored up and awaited their return from a walk.
We now find ourselves in Braunston and having just stepped off the boat to moor along came Jill & Graham on Matilda Rose. Just a quick hello as they were about to do the Braunston flight on their way to.......check their blog it might tell you their plans. Nice to see you both and maybe next time we all might have more time.

Well this coming Saturday Jaq and i will be flying back to the states to marry on the 18th. We will post some pics on the blogs. The 3 weeks jaq has been on board have flown by but at least from now on we will be together with no more 4/5 hour phone calls through the night.
I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent their good wishes be it via blog comments, in e mail or in person, we do appreciate it. Thanks.


Unknown said...

And it was lovely seeing you too Les and meeting the wonderful Jaq. Seeing you's two together was very very heartwarming and my friend (her name is Sue) was thrilled to meet you both as well and said as we got off the boat 'OMG I feel as if I have known those two for years!!'

I hope you both have a safe trip there and back to the states and look forward to seeing you on your return sometime as Mr and Mrs Biggs. Have a fantastic wedding day, I look forward to the photo's.
Lots of love

Sarah_Sanderson said...

Best of luck to you both, we are celebrating our first year together this weekend and hopefully many more to come together... Sarah xx

Jaqueline Biggs said...

I really enjoyed meeting you, Sue and Kai. I too felt as though we have known each other a long time. I was really serious--we do need to get together and have a girl's night out sometime! :)

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs