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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Just when i thought i had escaped the crazy world of the land and survived the R. Churnet in flood i discover at Endon on the Caldon canal near to bridge 28 the Fine Feathers Rare Breeds Farm. Now this place is an old farmhouse with a very large amount of land run by a very nice lady name of Sarie and with her hubby and children not only do they run an animal rescue centre they also encourage some rare breeds to....well breed.

Now the crazy bit, and that`s my opinion and yours are welcome in the comments section, is

they also do pet weddings. So if Rover fancies the bitch next door or the Buck and Doe you`ve told the kids have to be kept apart in case they....fight then this is for you. Get the pets married off then the kids and you can buy a narrowboat and be as happy and content as me.

Smashing place to stop off if you are boating in the area it`s free although it would be nice if you put some cash in the collection pot. You can see Llamas, Goats, Pigs, Ostrich, Emu, Racoons and

as in the pic Parrots flying as free as a bird....sorry. Also in one barn amongst many just hatched birds of all types 6 Rotwieler pups were in with a Vietnamese Pot Belly Pig.
Racoons and even a very large Owl all go to make this a pleasent stop off and also there`s a farm shop and being boaters themselves with a boat for hire you will be made welcome.

OK so what have we been upto in the last few hot sunny weeks, that reminds me i wonder if Tesco will take back all that sun tan cream?

After a great w`end at the Middlewich festival we came down the Trent&Mersey and below we

are waiting to go through the Harecastle Tunnell which is the left portal the right hand one is the original that suffered subsidence. Eight or so boats go through at a time in each direction and as it gets low in there i had to move my bike to the rear of the boat.

After the tunnell we went on the Caldon then back onto the T&M down to Stone where we spent 5 days, well we all need a holiday don`t we. Molly was re-united with Andy/Bev & the G`children much to her delight. I met Jo who is living on Misty Lady while her new boat Hadar is built ( link on the right) and i think thats as close as you need to get to our exact location.

Perhaps when we get some decent weather i might get a better sunset pic.
Night all.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
I was surprised you didn't mention 'Fine Feathers' earlier when you went the other way. It certainly is a splendid place. When I first came upon it the good people were entertaining the crews of all the moored boats to dinner in their dining room, a regular occurence I gather. That time we'd managed to find ourselves on a Sunday evening with many miles between boat and car and all needing to be back at work in the morning. We knocked at the shop to enquire after calling a taxi, but the gentleman from FF was more than kind and offered to drive us all the way to Barlaston in his own car! "after I've fed this lot" as he said! Good memories.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Martin
Actually called in on the way down to Froghall but sometimes things get forgotten and it was only looking through my pics i remembered.
A great place and a must for anyone boating the Caldon.
Another good place is the wildlife centre at Froghall that contains many birds of prey. It is set high on the side of the valley as you approach Froghall and can be reached by Towpath and steep climb or by road. Just ask at info centre at Froghall basin.

Anonymous said...

6 days, no update. Surely other boaters that you pass give a hint about poor.non connection? Well, I assume this is the problem, could of corse be quiet wrong.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Annon
No poor connection is not a talking point with other boaters as we all use varied ways of internet & phone connection.
Just not had much to blog and don`t forget this is not a daily diary.
Anyway it`s nice you have noticed the abcence of a blog.
sorting it at this moment.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs