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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


After coming off the Llangollen we spent the May Bank holidayw`end at Nantwich and what a wet couple of days that turned out. Sitting on board relaxing i felt sorry for the holiday boaters going by in the rain trying to make the most of their short time afloat.
After a few days moored up we all decided to head upto Anderton and go down the boat lift onto the R. Weaver as Andy/Tina had not been on the lift before. The lift takes 2 boats at a time from the Trent& Mersey canal down to the Weaver. Arriving at the booking office we found that there were 3 slots vacant enabling us all to go down the same day. At 13.45 i went down with Andy/Tina and John followed on the 17.30 decent.
Andy/Tina exiting the lift
There are 9 up & down passages each day except on Wednesday when the first 3 each way do not run due to maintenance. Coming back we had to take 3 seperate lift times spread over 2 days so a coin was tossed for choice of time slots. John ended up having to stay overnight at the bottom of the lift and in the pic below that i took from the top he can be seen moving off to find a mooring.
The lift passage can be pre-booked for a fee of £5 but no charge is made if you arrive and take a chance on a vacant slot. I prefer to take a chance because i don`t want to be tied to a time schedule, not my idea of freedom.

At the top of the lift the seat above has been provided and below you can see the top is a Mosaic story of the salt being mined and transported up the lift.

Also in the same area a living Willow seating area has also been created.

So the weather has been good and as you can see in the following pics ideal for the mums to launch their new arrivals.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
Do the Anderton lift connect to the Caldon now then? ;)

Les Biggs said...

Hi Martin
NO is the answer. The Trent&Mersey canal is at the top of the lift. If you cruise south for about 28 miles a lot of locks and Harecastle tunnel you come to Stoke on Trent and Etruria Jct. where the Caldon starts.
The picture at top of my blog was taken on the Caldon last year.

Lorimar said...

Hi Les,
brilliant shot at the top of your blog,
we are at Pillings Marina now so if you pass give us a shout
Mark & Lorain

Les Biggs said...

Hi Mark/Lorain
Have just blogged picture explanation.
Yes will look out for you, we will meet sometime i`m sure.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs