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Monday, January 26, 2015

Looking back....years back.

It always surprises me how folk can remember where they were when a certain non personal event took place. Events like the passing of Elvis, John Lennon or perhaps a political  figure like Thatcher or JFK.

Some folk can quote you places for all or at least 50% of not just these but a large number of memorable dates over the past 2,3 or 4 decades.

Personally I can quote only one, perhaps because it was so horrific an event that took place in my adult life that it stuck in the memory bank. It was 9/11, September 11th 2001. I was in Tenerife on holiday with some of the family less than a year after Valerie passed away. We were in an electrical store and took some convincing by the staff that the TV images were real and not some Hollywood film.

So I just thought of reminding myself where I was back not decades but within my years afloat and it turned into a blog post.  January 26th or as close as can be is the chosen date.

Andy and Tina
Starting in 2007 as the boat was still under construction in Jan. 2006. I was in Apsley 2007 travelling with good friends of 8 years now, Andy and Tina. Some talk in the comments as to suitable pictures to publish. Looking back to the post before I had just received my
boat licence at a cost of £572($858). I mention this as we have just received our Licence for 2015 and it cost £856($1284). In 2007 that worked out to £11($17) not the figure I quoted in a comment on that post. Nowadays that weekly amount is just above £16($24). I suppose for a continuous cruiser like us that is our weekly rent. Also I note we were heading for Llangollen in Wales and the journey details in that `before` post might interest you.

Next look back is 2009 and I am heading north through Leighton Buzzard on my own having parted in November from Andy and Tina, after two and a half years cruising together; they were off on a new boat related venture. Again earlier posts around this time showed my being moored 18 days in Berkhamsted having dental work. In those days there was a local mooring warden who was happy for me to overstay having seen my appointment card.

 We now come to 2011 and I am moored in Rugby . This post sees me hanging around waiting to fly back early February to the USA and propose to Jaq.  The post by coincidence has me looking back and there are a lot of pictures of my travels including a pair of newborn's hitching a ride. Again looking at previous posts to this date I have just about finished laying a new floor.

January 2013 sees us frozen in at Stoke Breurne. Well at this point I will enter what is up in my top ten of pictures.
It`s January 2013 and we are heading to London and onwards to the Lea and Stort then onto the River Thames. Look at the pair of us married 18 months--not a care in the world, just living what still is now a fun filled, laughter fuelled life.
Now why I publish this picture is because as regular blog readers know 2013 was not going to be a good year for us. Mr. C. showed his face half way through the year. I can say the laughter has now returned and uncontrollable giggling is a regular on Nb Valerie.
Remember folks you only have one life--make your dreams reality whatever they may be. You have no idea of what lies ahead; look at the picture. We had no idea.

Ok January 26th 2015, we are in Cow Roast and in 4 days we will be leaving the prison marina and heading in a northerly direction, no other plans at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I do so love that last picture... and look to see a 2015 similar one. "Free at last, free at last, thank god all might free at last." Would you believe it was 60 in Pullman today? love Karen and Jim

Unknown said...

May NB Valerie continue down the cut with all the joy happiness that a herbalist and retired courier can bring
to the world.

Anonymous said...

Hello you 2 lovely people, I hope you are recovering well Les. I have been a trifle under the weather suffering from a Vit D deficiency but am firing on all cylinders now. Bet you are glad you have got you get out of jail card. Enjoy your travels and hope to see you soon
Carol BV xx

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs