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Monday, October 27, 2014

Just passing some time away

Now just six days till we once again set off to London, fingers crossed it will not be cancelled.
Having loaded up with more rounds from the Ash tree in Tring cutting we moored just for one night as our friends Sue and Ken were taking us to lunch at the Grand Junction arms at Bulbourne. We pulled in on a long straight stretch just short of the winding(turning) hole. After lunch someone had moored very tightly, 3 feet, behind us, WHY?.  So much room and this time of year not many boats moving, nothing here even the pub is further on. Summer I can understand as it might get busy if moorings by the pub are busy.

 The new housing at Marsworth is taking shape. The house nearest has a large 1st. floor Side window overlooking what is at the moment an elsan and rubbish point.
New facilities are planned but I`m not sure if they will be here or as has been rumored at the next bridge(130) to the north where rubbish bins already exist.
 Thinking about it that land in front of each house will be private and I can`t see the owners allowing boats to moor in front of their windows.

Saturday morning and we carry on with our plan and cruise around to the Wendover Arm which has the benefit of being quiet and a nice 3 mile round trip walk into Tring for a few groceries.
Sunday morning and I have about thirty log rounds to split and store in the wood box on the roof where they will stay covered until the tail end of winter.

Today with the sun shining and a brisk breeze we set of on another 3-4 miles walk to see the progress of the Wendover Arm restoration.

They have reached the stage that they are about 1400 metres, just under a mile, from reaching Little Tring the present navigation limit.

At present it costs about £440 ($677) per metre and time estimate is 2022 to completion of this section.
So in about eight years or at least within ten, these are volunteers remember, boaters will be able to cruise about 3.5 miles from the Grand Union canal at Bulbourne to a winding hole just beyond the Aston Clinton bypass bridge. Map

Walking a bit further on the previous section is, albeit at a reduced depth, in water.

The picture shows one of the mooring bays that are about 50 metres long so perhaps space for three 57 foot long boats. A good example of when to moor close up to other boats any time of year.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Face it, Les, people just like to be near you two!

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Did you know your 'prove you're not a robot' has changed to almost impossible to decipher letters instead of numbers?
All well here, but cold for the time of year. Hope you two are keeping warm!

Les Biggs said...

not sure what can be done. Taking it off will result in spam big time. Some blogs have number recognition but we can`t see this choice on blogger. Will look into it.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs