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Monday, July 21, 2014

Into Aylesbury

The cruise into Aylesbury basin from Marsworth is 16.25 miles but our destination was the Aylesbury Canal Society marina at Circus Field 0.7 miles before the basin.

The ACS were originally located in the town centre canal basin where they had a lease until 2018. Back in the days of British Waterways Aylesbury council who had a £4.3 ($6) million grant from the department for communities and local government to develop the canal basin area.
In 2007 B.W. sold the basin to Aylesbury council on a 200 year lease and for much of the time since negotiations have been ongoing.

In 2010 planning approval for the marina was granted, bet that was the fastest on record, and the council stated the cost to be £2 million. Now all the `who pays what` is not very public but I did hear the ACS got £2.5 million for their lease. The 2010 figure must have increased so the small amount I heard ACS had to find sounds about right.

Now by coincidence, if you believe in such a thing, immediately next to the marina the council released some more land for a housing development of 74 homes. My thinking is this might be the income to pay for the marina development.

Anyway forgetting all the rumors and theories the Aylesbury Canal Society now have a 40 berth marina with a clubhouse with a hall on the first floor for hire. Also within the building are wet and dry docks.
The ACS welcome boats to stay free for up to 14 days. Electric hookups are available using £1 cards. Also there are washing and drying machines at very reasonable prices. Just moor by the bridge and look for the boat with the rooftop `welcome` sign and Bryan will give you a big warm welcome.

Jaq raises the bridge to let Nb Valerie into her temporary home.
View from bridge. Nb Valerie is the 3rd boat from the left. The new housing can be seen to the side of the marina.

The new clubhouse nearing completion

Dry dock is the blue door to the left and wet dock on the right.
Dry dock boat winch

Interior of dry dock    
For boaters wondering about the latest stoppage on the Aylesbury arm this photo by our friend Robert on WB Wind in Willow shows the beam at lock 2 within the staircase snapped and resting on the lock side wall.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs