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Friday, July 25, 2014

3 2 4 G EE What a view, Kestrel and Osprey

How do you like the blog title?
About 3 weeks ago my phone contract ended on what was my first smart phone the Samsung. Now my usage allowance included bonus loyalty minutes and just a very small data package as my use of apps for Facebook, games or anything other than incoming E Mail or a little bit of web browsing is almost zero. My last upgrade brought me into the smart phone world with a decent camera and wireless technology that enabled me to connect to the boats wi-fi.
Most recent on the right. I did like the flip phones as I had a tendency to squash screens in my pocket against lock beams. Now I just buy a leather flip case.
This time it was the attraction of upgrading from 3G to all the bells and whistles of 4G. The phone company EE, running Orange and T-Mobile, attempted on the phone to sell me a fancy expensive package. Jaq had picked up a catalogue in the high street branch of EE and it contained a 4G smart phone with more usage allowances than my so called loyalty package so this was my choice. Oh! plus it was 20% less per month. Morale is always check what they are offering to anyone on the high street and don`t bank on loyalty for the best deal.

Less than 3 weeks later and our mobile Internet wi-fi contract ended and another decision to be made. Our contract with T-Mobile was for 5GB which we found to be inefficient as we both had laptops and Jaq also used hers for work. Some months ago we had trouble with being charged a lot when we went over our allowance. This I sorted out and had the charges squashed and the fair use policy re-instated. The last 3 months we have gone over the allowance but have not been cut off but just been restricted to not downloading films and music.
Starting on the left the first two connected to the laptop. Then came two upgrades to mi-fi, wi-fi, horse fly, now we have the 4G all singing and dancing Osprey Internet.
So this time we decided to pay a bit more and triple our allowance to 15GB and get the new 4G wi-fi box of tricks. The extra allowance will allow catching up on some missed TV via the net. We now have a much better phone/Internet deal  for a very small, £1.42 ($2.30) monthly increase.

I have been using Orange for about 20 years and T-Mobile perhaps 8years. Important thing is they have been the two used on the boat since my beginning life afloat. Coverage has been good with very few places nationwide on the canal system that the signal has been painful. Now the two company`s are one (EE) the extra masts might make even those painful times better.
I did do some research with a view to changing the Internet provider and learnt about deals tethering, sim only and various other ways but decided to stick with that which I have proved works for us.

The phone is a Kestrel 4G on the £13.99 ($22) package.
The Internet is Osprey 4G+ on the 15GB £20 ($32) package.

I remember well before 4G surfaced in the UK I saw it advertised in the U.S. Deals in the states will probably differ to here and if any U.S. readers want to share their deals, anonymously, with folk here please let me know and I will blog the figures. The deals I have listed include the phone and wi-fi equipment hence my collection of gadgets. Terrible throwaway society we have become.
For the first time I am seeing 3G/3G+ on my phone signal. Is this a result of the introduction of 4G?

So to the last part of the blog title, the view from our current mooring. Please don`t complain you can`t see a Kestrel or Osprey in the picture.
Every time Nb Valerie has passed this spot it has been taken. Above to the left and below to the right. Just a pity we have to move tomorrow as Mr. Tesco will be delivering to the boat and we need to get near a road.

Just came across this in the picture folders. Remember the houses being put up at Marsworth the start of the Aylesbury arm. I commented on the metal framework looking like some industrial units. Well now the brickwork has started the style can be seen. The inner white blocks are within the frame and the dark brickwork forms the outer skin. The gap will be filled by the insulation that can be seen at the back of the site. I wonder why this framework is used instead of the traditional brick built walls.

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Snapper said...

Awesome blog.

Just to update your blog, 3G+ or High Speed Data Packet Access (HSDPA) is a 3G enhancement that allows the EE network to provide around 3 to 5MB/s and is useful outside of 4G areas. It's been around for a long while 4 or 5 years, however you needed a compatible device to use it, you've probably just stumbled on it now because most 4G devices include the technology to complement 4G.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs