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Thursday, January 28, 2010


A break in the weather gave me the chance to install my Solar panel but without Mr. Sun doing the brightness bit my batteries are getting little power at the moment. When i first installed it in the horizontal position with an absence of sun the control box was reading 0.27amps and the voltage from the panel wires read 13.38v so at least, i`m assured by other boaters, it works. All i need is sunshine to see the amp reading climb and it wasn`t long before i got my wish and with just a weak winter sunburst the amps hit first 3 then 4.
I don`t expect much this time of year but come the summer sun i can imagine a lot of power from the panel will result in less engine running.

Less diesel used will eventually pay for the panel but the green brigade will still complain of the Carbon Footprint left by it`s manufacture but to be honest my intention is to save diesel and wear on my engine. If i worried about Carbon footprint i wouldn`t have had a boat manufactured but that also applies to any purchase we make so where do we draw the line. Perhaps I/WE should be happy that the making of this panel will cut down on future pollution from my engine.

I do believe, and by all means have your say, that as a live aboard boater my footprint is a lot less than when i lived in a house.
I use logs for the majority of my heating, no gas boiler heating a big house.
Minimal lighting needed on a boat with no lights left on all over the house.
No electrical appliances left on standby.
No car so making better use of public transport.
No regular decorating which includes new carpets and furniture.
Engine generates not only electricity & hot water but moves me around the country, does a car do all 3.
The list is probably bigger but all the above not only cuts my footprint but more important in these times of recession drastically reduces my cost of living while giving me a wonderful stress free life.

The solar panel is mounted on this turntable that was made for me (sorry bit of footprint) by my good friend Alan. The large circular part is actually a pulley wheel as used in lift shafts and it
enables the panel to be turned through 360 degrees to face the sun. The top part enables the panel to be angled and i have bolted and riveted the panel into this section and the whole unit is bolted down on the roof. I have fixed two legs to support the panel from the rear all being folded flat when travelling.

Something i`ve not noticed before is the Little Grebe.

Recently had an e mail from one of the g`children, yes that`s me in the picture. I remember over Christmas being shown a present, "just sit and look at this" Jordan told me. My image was captured and suitably or perhaps not decorated with glasses and head gear and if you look closely eye shadow & lipstick. I wouldn`t mind but it`s not my usual colour.

1 comment:

Les Biggs said...

Jaqueline Almdale said...
Hi Les,
It's great to see the solar panel up and set to run. As for your holiday pic by the grandchildren--I fancy you would look best as a red head!

Thu Jan 28, 09:41:00 PM
Anonymous said...
Well Les, I happen to think it is JUST the right colour for you! The panel will do a great job in stronger sun, the sooner the better for me, too.

Thu Jan 28, 10:08:00 PM
Nb Caxton said...
The grandchildren have done you credit Les!
PS. I like the solar panel fixing, very versatile.

Fri Jan 29, 04:38:00 PM
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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs