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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here`s 3 websites that may be of interest although i would be surprised if the first 2 are not already well known to boaters. Double click on all images on this and all my blogs.

First up is Canalplan, LINK HERE, that i recently used to get an idea of my post Christmas escape from the southern Gd. Union Canal.
Let me explain to non boating readers the problems experienced by Continuous Cruisers such as my self at this time of year. During the winter months (Nov-Mar) British Waterways put in place a maintenance programme of which the greater work is lock gate replacement/repair plus third party requests to close a section of canal, for example railway company`s wanting to work on bridges.

My problem is that i wish to get past some closures some 50 miles from where i intend to spend Christmas with family so i used the above page (use link first) to calculate the time needed to reach the closure. My deadline was 4th January and the calculation using my entries of 3mph, 15mins per lock/swing bridge and 6hrs per day travelling came out at 6 days. So if i left on the 28th Dec i would have a day maybe two to spare. Sounds ok but i don`t like being under pressure to cruise every day and what if it rains, the cold i can handle but rain is a no no NO!
Options are to leave the boat further north and travel to family by train. Something to think about over the next few weeks.
Give the site a try yourself, use say Apsley as a start point and Leighton Buzzard as a finish. Leave the standard settings as they are and you should get 1day 6hrs at 9hours a day, have fun.

Next site is Jim Shead waterways, LINK HERE, that enables a search of boat names listed on several navigation authorities. I typed in the name VALERIE highlighted the BW section and hit find. Result only 1 Valerie is listed so it seems i have a pretty exclusive boat name. Even if you
select` All` the search only brings up 3 boats but only 1 narrow boat......mine. Give it a try by entering the name of a boat name from any blog you read. Enjoy

The last site that might have escaped the notice of a lot of my fellow boaters is Muddy Waters,
LINK HERE, it is the start of a collection of books aimed at children by author Dan Clatcher who was inspired by his grandson to write them. Three books are now available at a special post free price (hit the special offer button top right) with more on the way.

I sent away for the 3 books that arrived within 3 days and below i have opened one up so you can get an idea of the wording for age compatibility with your offspring. Thomas the Tank the boat version is what came to mind when i opened them, why didn`t i think of that idea. Great to
keep on the boat for when the g`children visit. Well done Dan and i`m looking forward to the next set.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs