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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ON THE MOVE at last

Yipeee i`m on the move after 31 days. It would have been yesterday but i awoke to a miserable misty damp morning and decided another day won`t do any harm.

The first leg of the journey would be the 6 Marsworth locks that would take me to Bulbourne and the summit level of the Gd. Union Canal where i topped up the water tank as i was not sure how far i would venture as my back might decide to complain but i`m glad to report my brain informs me no complaints were received.

On through Tring Cutting, pics below, with the trees dropping their leaves all around with no wind or sound of any kind it was like cruising through a magic forest with no other boats on the move i could just relax and soak up the scene. Times like this makes me wonder why some boaters moor up for winter spending 2 maybe 3 months in one place and paying rent to BW, the canals this time of year take on a new look and by moving every few days or so to me is a pleasure but then each to their own i suppose and what we all get with this boating life is freedom.

One good thing about my new location is the good Internet signal that means i can download to the blog some pictures of the Halloween w`end spent with some of the g`children.
Lena May celebrated her birthday on the 31st so had some strangely dressed guests to her party as well as brothers and sisters pictured below.

Sister Nicole

The birthday girl

Kiernan & Keira

I noticed on the journey 2 stoppages posted at a lock that are not mentioned on the stoppage list here but are on the online regularly updated list here.
They are Cow Roast lock Jan 6th-22nd and Ironbridge lock(77) 16-20 Nov. This might help someone on the move here on the Gd Union who has already made plans based on old info.

Well just leaves me to say goodnight but before i do, hello to Jaqueline Almdale in the USA thanks for your e mail in response to my asking for overseas readers to make themselves known.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs