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Monday, September 29, 2008


Always seem to end up at Foxton be it as now slowly heading south with christmas and the grandchildren in mind or after the event heading back in to the world of watery roads I`ve come to love. Yes Foxton is a nice place to visit even without a boat. The flight of 10 locks made up of 2 sets of 5 staircase style all in good working order with the grass all the way down the flight neatly cut, snack bars top and bottom of the flight and the old steam engine house now a museum half way down or perhaps up.
Boat trips from outside the shop at the bottom lock , 2 pubs well if any boaters are reading this then you will all say one`s a restaurant more than a pub so I suggest you try Bridge 61 with its 2 small rooms filled with canal bits and bobs and have a beer served at the bar all of 2`6" wide and if you sit outside you can watch the boats entering the locks or coming through the swing bridge from the Mkt. Harborough arm.
Above is just one of the many additions to Foxton site since i was last here in February this year, the young lad with the boat horse would years ago have been heading for the building on the left

at the top lock in the picture above for this was once a stable the white building the lockeepers house now a snack bar, and that`s NB Valerie in the lock having taken 50 mins to climb the flight

Above is the inside of the stable open to the public as a resting place and also used for school visits.
The little Robin paid a couple of visits checking for crumbs, and after the Moorhen episode back in July (click July on the right if you missed it) how could I object.

A lot about the one place this blog but i do so much like Foxton and as the season comes to an end, well for most boaters, i have slowed down spending a little more time moored and still doing a bit of paintwork before the weather closes in. I have managed to make my diesel cap a little more secure and will show that next time.

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs