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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Just after coming out of Crick tunnel and thinking it wasn`t as much water dripping from the roof as during other trips when a voice says "are you Les" well straight away thinking fast i said no, well this was a blond sitting next to a big fella and my slow boating brain could not decide if my past was catching up with me. But not to worry it turned out to be Del & Al fellow bloggers whose boat Derwent6 is well on the way to launching. After mooring i walked back and I had a nice chat and met the family.

While chatting to Del&Al a lady came by asking if we had a magnet as she had dropped her

mooring pin into the water, well can`t leave a lady in distress so I went back to the boat and picked up my magnet and after a chat Cora on holiday from South Africa posed with me and the pin so she could feature on the blog. I`ll drop her an e-mail so she will know which page to look on.
Back in Braunston an American lady asked if i had a net as her husband had dropped the boats ignition key in the canal so I used the magnet and after only a few minutes up it came together with a rusty tape measure and some other odd bits of metal. Now they say things happen in 3s and the 3rd thing was a poor old sheep that found it self in the canal and after swimming back and forth it ended up towpath side and I managed to grab it by the scruff of its neck and with the help of a passerby we dragged it out and then had the job of dragging it over a narrow footbridge to get it back in its field and all the thanks I got was Baaa! Baaa! and with a shake off it went to join the flock.
Still painting while the weather is good and as i do this blog I`ll leave you with the view out of the side hatch.

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Anonymous said...

Open them Locks the easy way ????

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs