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Friday, February 16, 2007


Been slowly moving north taking advantage of the mild weather, mild that is untill we arrived at Marsworth where all the snow pictures on the last blog were taken.
Left Berkhampstead and moved up through Cow Roast to Bulbourne and decided to explore the Wendover Arm that is under restoration so we had just about 1 1/2 miles of water to explore. Most of the journey the canal was covered in a thin sheet of ice not thick enough to cause any problems. At the end of navigation we had a cup of tea and decided that as snow was forcast we would not risk being stuck on the arm but would make our way down the 6 lock Marsworth flight and moor next to the reservoirs.
We decided a day in Aylesbury would make a change and enable us to stock up at the Morrisons supermarket, i think Morrisons is the best supermarket of the big 4. Anyway the bus service is hourly except we chose the day it snowed and together with the majority of schools the buses were not running. Don`t remember having days off school for snow when i was a kid and there was a lot more snow then. Well next day after a bit of rain everything was back to normal on the roads so Aylesbury was back on. Visited some friends who are moored in Aylesbury for the winter and they managed to drag us into the pub, well gotta be sociable so we went.
From Marsworth we made our way upto Leighton Buzzard making night stops at Horton Lock and Grove Lock. Into L. Buzz and moor up outside Tesco for a few essentials and move on about a mile to the Globe pub, a very quiet mooring away from L. Buzzard which can be noisy.
From here we decided to move on to Soulbury 3 Locks another quiet mooring in fact so quiet the one and only pub decided it would shut at 9.15!!! no we weren`t asked to leave because we hadn`t even got in.
So next port of call is Fenny Stratford where i am writing this.

So just a nice slow cruise slowly heading to Wales. No rush, no hassle, no work, just freedom.
Have noticed the Daffodils are out along the way and today saw a very large Bee flying about like it was mid summer and a Butterfly. Makes you think if the climate is changing so much, and i have noticed a change over the last few years, what will it be like for future generations.
Still the Government will make sure all is well............. they will won`t they?


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Your trip sounds good and pleasurable, I note your comment:

Still the Government will make sure all is well............. they will won`t they?

Nice to see th esense of humour is still there!

Keep enjoying your travels, I am sur ethere are many who wished they could join you.

Wales and the Llan will be worth travelling for.


Chas and Ann said...

Just to let you know i just read the blog! Glad u r enjoying life and able to move about. We are on the K n A which is still closed near Reading. Wonder if it will ever open with all the cut backs in maintenance.
Regards Chas n Ann

Anonymous said...

Les Biggs said...

Hi handyspanner
Being ruled by whoever is in No10 demands a sense of humour. Thankfully living a life afloat means i don`t have to use mine to often as far as government gobbly gooch goes. Mind you if i get caught at the tiller using a mobile i could get a cruising ban.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Chas/Ann
You might have to get craned out if the K&A never re-opens.
Dinettes are getting popular.
Anyone puzzled click on Chas/Ann in the comments and have a read of my friends blog and then link on to No Problem. Copycats
Hope to see u soon C/A

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Since I have traveled the route you are currently taking, and have gone up to Wales as well, I am very much enjoying your travel postings. Had planned to travel this route this summer, but it looks like the trip is off because of health issues. Well, maybe 08.

Best wishes,


Les Biggs said...

Hi Mark
Hope you make that trip in 08.
In the meantime stay healthy and as i blog in wales maybe it will ring some bells.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs