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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Drifting slowly down the Shropshire Union Canal past barbridge and the jct. of the Middlewich arm from which we came on our way to Chester, on past Hurleston Jct and the right turn through 4 locks takes you onto the Llangollen Canal to north Wales. After a few stops here and there including Nantwich, a town with much history, we arrive at the start of the Audlem flight of 15 locks. Well it`s late afternoon so no hanging about we get stuck in. Through the first and then the second and ............MOOR UP because having come so far over the last week i think Audlem might be a good place to get some Blogging material. But first give me a break i have just done 2 locks, i`ll have a pint and explore in the morning.
Inside the shroppie Fly pub with yours truly posing by the narrowboat bar.

Hotel boats Dusk and Dawn moored up for an overnight stop just outside the Shroppie Fly. These are the 3rd pair i have seen since coming on the system. As in the working boat days the motorised boat tows the butty and i believe there is room for about 6/7 guests and 3 crew.

In Audlem village like many towns and cities the country over the village shop is closed, but here the newspapers hang outside with a sign displayed in the shop door saying......

Please put money through slot below. If you do not have the correct change
please pay in the shop, or claim your change, next time you are passing.
Now how many shops have you seen lately that trust the local population that much.

The Butter Market, erected in 1733. A market charter was granted in 1295 by King Edward 1 and a weekly market was held here till at least 1914.
The boulder seen between the seat and church steps was fitted with a metal ring, that i could still see traces of, and stood in the middle of the village square and was used for bear baiting.

Now as you read the blog some of you might be thinking the timings don`t quite add up like someone who has e- mailed me asking if NB VALERIE is fitted with a jet engine.

Well un-like some bloggers who do a daily blog, and i love reading them, i tend to collect my info and pics to blog as and when i get time or feel like it. So folks no good thinking i am here at Audlem because i am further south than that. In fact i am at......+-(**^"###=_^^\

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NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs