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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Glad to see my builder is getting on with my new boat.

The town swingbridge in Northwich was the first electrically operated bridge in the UK and was built in 1899.

Just look at the width of navigation. On the right bank is a hill of salt. In this part of the country not just here on the weaver, salt has been been way of life for many years.

A floating hotel at Northwich.

There are 5 locks on the weaver inc Marsh lock that leads onto the Manchester Ship Canal. With a lock 225`x42` you could fit18 narrowboats in. The largest ship to navigate the weaver was the ST MICHAEL at 1080tonnes registered in Holland. Each locking takes apprx. half a million gallons of water.
I have never seen so many herons in such a short stretch of waterway. Unlike this one the others were on the bankside. Also seen were 2 kinfishers one resting on the rear of the boat moored in front. A cormorant was seen diving several times and after watching 3 dives he surfaced with a very large eel.

. There are four railway lines crossing the Weaver. One had 22 stone arches like those on the far right of the above bridge.


Anonymous said...

It must be a lot different crusing on a river than on a canal. Is it diffcult with tides? Good pic of heron. Sal

Les Biggs said...

Very little flow on the river so it was not a problem. The wind on a couple of days was though, being wide on the river it had more impact. The canal with trees helping to shelter the boat most of the time helps but even on the canal wind can be a problem getting in locks.

Unknown said...

I have stayed in that hotel. Nothing much to write home about, but nice enough.ANyway, I have just finished reading a book called The Water Road. Fascinating, rivers scare me though, I have only ever cruised ona canal. Great site by the way.

Les Biggs said...

This is my first river and i must say at first i felt like a minnow in a big pond. After an hour or so the feeling passed an i loved the space all around. Going back on the cut also felt strange a lot of boats and for a short time i was cautious of passing on-coming boats as they seemed so close.
Glad you like site.

Pete said...

Hi Les

Have been recommended this site by Carol (Previous Poster). All I can say is WONDERFUL. You are truly living my dream. keep up the good work. A cracking blog.

Pete said...

Would you mind if I attach you to my links?

Anonymous said...

Hi Les. Landed here via Carol's blog (blog virgin)

Whoa! 18 boats in one lock?? I thought double locks were bad enough!

You know, I've been over the bridge in Northwhich umpteen times (live in Crewe) but never once have I given any thought as to how it opens. A swing bridge, eh? I'll have a better look at it next time I'm out that way.

Les Biggs said...

Sure you can add a link on your blog. I have bookmarked your blog and wil have a read later.
Belated birthday wishes to you.

valonia said...

Hello! I'm another that has landed here through word of mouth. Knowleypowley posted me a link as I am a boater too.

Such a wonderful blog you have and a joy to read.

x Valonia

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs