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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Jaq gets to grips with the boat stove.

As we all know Jaq is trying to absorb as much information from me in relation to the maintenance that she feels confident in tackling on board Nb Valerie when I`m not around any more.
The multi fuel stove seemed a good place to start as fires are being lit aboard boats all over the country at this time of year. I always carry out some maintenance about this time that includes checking that the silent killer, carbon monoxide, that has no taste or smell is prevented from entering the boat and is in fact safely using the chimney as an exit.
Every year I dig out the loose fire cement around the joint where the chimney pipe enters the stove. Don`t go mad you only need the loose pieces that an old screwdriver will pick out with minimal effort.
 Put some masking tape around the pipe for a nice neat finish. Fill the gap where you removed the loose fire cement and with a wet finger, not a hand Jaq, smooth the cement and remove the tape. A very tiny fire will cure the cement and if you wish, for cosmetic reasons, you can give the whole stove a coat of  Rustins high heat stove paint.

Next the inner chimney needed replacing and You can just see a new one i`ve made inside the boat outer chimney. Jaq is holding a spare I have made that will probably be in service after the present one has done two winters.
I have covered the making of this inner chimney HERE so will not go into it again. This will go with all the other spares I have under the dinette so at least if Jaq does have a problem at least she will have the correct parts to hand and will just have to find someone to fit them. A spare stern gland is ready to fit as is a P.R.V. valve with quick fit pipework attached plus many other spares. Who knows perhaps I might be able to watch over her but not physically help, bit of a pain this dying lark. Perhaps somewhere on my new Windows 10 programme there`s a cancel button or at least a delay button to allow Jaq more time to learn, now that would be quite something.

Next we had the problem of the glass having a crack which had also happened a few years back in 2007. The problem is that the threaded studs drilled into the door are quite likely to shear. This is now the 3rd piece of glass I have replaced in the stove door and  
the last time I was lucky but this time two of the studs decided to shear off leaving half the threaded stud in the door. The door is cast as opposed to the steel stove casing and the advice on the internet from other boaters is to not try drilling and tapping a new thread but to drill straight through the door and use new bolts that will be easier to undo in future.
The studs circled in Red are the culprits and in the lower of the two pictures you can see the bolts seen from the outside are not to conspicuous.
Having fixed the glass in first job was to buy a spare even though it might be years before it`s required.
Not really a job I would expect Jaq to do although if all four studs had been drilled through I have no doubt after watching me she would be quite capable of doing the job.

Talking of spares if anyone has one of these pumps I have a service kit sitting gathering dust. This is the pump I recently replaced with a Whale Gulper that requires no filter and so becomes a fit it and forget it pump. The filter was a pain to get to   beneath the hip bath and is now something else Jaq has no worries about cleaning practically every month.
This pump was 11 years old when I took it off, still working with no problems.
So if anyone is interested in a service kit for this pump contact me as the Whale Gulper is here to stay and the kit is not going to get used. 


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Les, This post is going to be a good manual for Jaq in the future - what a splendid way to be able to look up what needs to be done in a task. More please!
How is the new knee coming along? And are you managing to take care of Jaq in this piece of role reversal?
Thinking of you often, the pair of you. Love and biggs hugs, Marilyn and David xxoo

Anonymous said...

Wow ... you two just keep on keeping on. I'm sure Les with you clear guidance Jaq will learn what she needs to know and she'll be fine. She'll be fine because of your care and love and willingness to do do what needs to be done.
You may think your mind is foggy but you write beautifully my friend. No points for pain in my book. You two will be fine. Don't ask me to define "fine" .... but you will be. Blessings.
Karen in Pullman

Snowy Owl said...

I have never met either of you but have commented here a few times. I just love your blog, you two really are an inspiration and I salute you! BTW, loving the red hearth tiles :)

Jo Lodge said...

Hi to you both.
I always enjoy reading your postings.
So many forget the bot maintenance which has to take place at this time of the year. Like you I have done our stove and made sure the flues are clear.
Fabulous posting and long may they continue.
Love to you both xxx

Unknown said...

What is amazing to me is that small "stove" heats the entire length of NB Valerie. Suspect am far too used to warm air heating as we have here in Canada, Southern Ontario. The system supplies warm air in the depths of the cold winter; and then cool dry air in the height of very hot humid summer periods. All using natural gas; the same fuel too for my gas cooker.
With the black of Jaq's hands it looks like the same result as playing with mud, albeit in this case a different form of "mud!"

Steve and Ang said...

It must be fate
I read your post yesterday and then this morning our Carbon Monoxide detector went off for the first time ever. It has a digital display and it was showing 85ppm. It has shown 0 ever since we started using the stove again a couple of weeks ago so I'm not sure why it suddenly changed. I have now put new cement on the stove to flue join and managed to get less of it on me than Jaq did !
All seems ok now and the reading is back at 0. Good to know the detector is doing its job.
Stay safe

Les Biggs said...

Hi Marilyn
The knee is doinv fine, and we just watch over each other each other. Everyghing is done slowly and it all works fine.
Les x

Les Biggs said...

Hi Snowy Owl.
Inspiration is all i can offer. If my words inspire othets to fight this terrible disease then my time at the keyboard is not wasted. Giving in is not an option so fight to tje end and live for every momennt given.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Jo
Shame we missed you recently when we were at warwick hospital.
So easy to miss a bit of maintenance when everything is working well. Best make it a habit every autumn to do the checks.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Bryce
The stove will heat one end quite efficiently but leaves what is our bedroom a lot cooler but this suits us. I have a fan above the stove that will push excess heat down the boat in very cold times and warm bedroom area.
Big hug Bryce, stay healthy.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Steve Ange
Good to check the join. Also check that clips are holding glass in place. Is rope on door going all round with no worn bits leaveing a gap. Open fire up to get it hot and see if detector figure rises.
Stay safe, one life remember.

Les Biggs said...

Hello Karen
Always nice to hear from you.
All will be fine as we watch over each other as time moves on.
Best wishes to Jim.
Les xx

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog You really are an inspiration to us all Wishing you all the best

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I just wanted to wish you both a slightly belated Happy Thanksgiving from an anon American follower of your blog. I never post, but have been reading about you, your travels, and your struggles since 2014 when I stumbled upon your site. I wanted to thank you for giving me joy in seeing sights I will never see, giving me hope in the face of horrible odds, and sharing your quiet dignity and strength in the face of the unknown and ultimately the known. Wishing you all the best. - CR

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs