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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Quiz, Two Prizes.

As the calendar ticks over into December Christmas is just 25 days away. Having a little tidy up amongst what Jaq calls my "man" storage areas she has kindly allowed me on board Nb Valerie I have come across two items surplus to my requirements.  I have  decided to have a Christmas competition with these two items, pictured below,  as prizes.

 First prize; in excellent used condition in need of a good home an interesting read of several different canals including London.

Second prize; Likewise also in need of a good home a horse brass.
 Ok here are the questions;

Question one: The first blog post I did was published on March 8th 2005. So far it has run for approximately 142 months.
How many blog posts have been published in this time.
750,  1,000,  1,250,  1,500,  1,750,  2,000. Point for nearest guess.

Question two: On what date and where did Jaq and I get married:

Question three: August 27th 2012 who visited Nb Valerie.

Question four: Title of first blog post on March 8th 2005:

As for the rules of the competition;
You do not have to phone a premium rate phone number that will close at a certain time but not enter your entry but will still charge you.

It`s all just a fun thing with genuine prizes.

The competition will run for about two weeks, during which I will remind people to enter, and the entry`s closest will be the  winners.

All the answers can be found within the blog even question one if you feel like sitting down and doing some serious counting.

The editors decision is final although windlasses and mooring pins at twenty paces on the towpath at Rugby could be a decider if the editor gets lairy.

Prizes will be posted out worldwide if winners supply an address via our E Mail, (not in comments box please). Winners can  remain anonymous if they wish, personal details will not be published.
Use the comments box for your answers as first in the box will be the leader in the case of two identical winning entries.

Any other rules you can think of will be taken into consideration by the judges(me) so will have no influence on the result at all so just don`t bother protesting.

Have fun blog readers. 


Jennie said...

Hi Les and Jaq - what a great idea! I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, especially re-reading all about your wonderful wedding. I hope you are both doing okay and that it warms up a bit for your trip to London.

1 - 1000
2. 18 June 2011 in Kamiak Butte
3. Kilaynn Glubrecht and her granddaughter Alana
4. The Plan


KevinTOO said...

Well here are my answers, but I bet I'm not first in the queue... LOL

1 - 1070 to date

2 - Saturday, June 18, 2011 @ 10:00 am

3 - "At 12:30 or thereabouts the train pulled up, and lo and behold there was our American friend Kilaynn Glubrecht and her lovely granddaughter Alana all the way from Spokane, Washington, USA!"

4 - Tuesday, March 08, 2005 "THE PLAN"

Keep warm and dry you two :)

Kevin Too

Carol said...

1. 1070
2. June 18 2011 Washington
3. Kilaynn and Alana
4. The plan

Antinady said...

1. 1070 (and counting)
2. Saturday 18th June 2011 - Kamiak Butte
3. Kilaynn and Alana
4. The Plan

Good looking through your blog again - keep it up.

Enjoy London - speak soon

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs