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Monday, July 06, 2015

Going to the post office.

The recent fiasco of the post office receiving our Poste Restante parcels did have a bright side. This view is the first part of our walk to the post office. We left the towpath via a stile and followed the path across this field.
 Another stile and we entered this crop of field beans.
 As you can see the farmer has left a path through the plants as it is a public right of way and cannot be blocked. U.S. readers this is what I missed in your country, the ability to follow paths across farmland. Field beans are worth about £70-90($105-1350 per tonne so i`m wondering how much the farmer has lost having left that path clear.
The field finished at a main road but crossing brought us into a quiet lane passing under the canal past the church and into the village.

Jaq and I have a joke between us that I never if at all possible walk back the same way.
This time it was no different and we walked a few hundred yards from the post office to the canal towpath.
My model has her finger in the grooves worn by ropes of horse drawn boats back in the days of heavy commercial use of the canals.
It`s hard to imagine rope wearing down the iron guards but I guess it caused less damage to the rope than if the brickwork took the wear.
Just another quiet day in our life afloat. I said to Jaq remember when we had to use the car to go to the post office stateside or walk 7 miles along roads all the way.

One of the parcels contained my new solar controller. It`s 30 amp Tracer 3215 capable of handling 390watts of solar panels. With just my 230watt panel connected it is giving 10 amps on a not very nice afternoon. Not wanting to sit in front of it all day I guess it will in good sun go up to 13amps, I stand to be corrected.

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Unknown said...

The path though the crops in the field is to me one of connection with times past. The UK for the most part retains its ancient history. The USA tries to maintain its brutal history as does to a certain extent Canada. And ancient paths across fields are not there.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs