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Friday, March 20, 2015

Along the Way

How often does this happen? Sitting having a read and a Kingfisher swoops across the Bow doors and settles on the mooring rope. Not only that but as you see I managed to get up for the camera and stand by the door and shoot several pics.

Natures version of CCTV cameras.

Proper working farm. Always a nice country smell and always plenty of junk around.

Not quite sure why the farmer would have an old Tug in his yard.

Here we go with some bike pics for our friend Bryce over in Canada. Something that might take your mind off those freezing temperatures. 
Bikes in town, the two on the right are old Lambrettas dating back to the 60`s.

Dan McCoy/NARA           New York City 1973. Wishes he had a Harley.

I have seen this before but it was always covered up.

That is not a Lambretta engine.


Carol said...

Chance of a lifetime getting those kingfisher pictures. Truly beautiful! xxx

caroline said...

Beautiful, everybody's dream photo opportunity.Caroline

locheriboll said...

Came to wish you a happy birthday!


Ian and Karen said...

Fantastic kingfisher pics. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to have a Kingfisher so close for so long. These pics are the best close up's I have seen on blogs so far. Maybe you should send them in to a canal magazine or competition. You would surely win prizes!
Ann nb Oakfield

Herbie Neil said...

As Ann above said, those are the BEST Kingfisher photo's I have seen! They would win a competition.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Dave Winter said...

Great pictures of the Kingfisher,just shows what can be done if you keep a camera to hand.

Ken and Sheena said...

Sacrilege! They're scooters, not bikes. :) The Vespas on the left are my own particular favourite transportation. Fantastic job snapping that Kingfisher. They are normally soooooo quick. Feels special though, doesn't it... Sat on *your* boat... Congratulations... I've not seen a better photo anywhere. Hope you see more.

KevinTOO said...

You should do the lottery tomorrow the odds of winning have to be easier than getting photos like those, well done :)

And I agree that you should enter them into competitions too!

Steve Parkin said...

Truly stunning Kingfisher pictures! Congratulations. The best I have managed is some distance shots a few years ago.

Unknown said...

THank you for the reference although to me they are scooters andway too small for me to ride,, let along sit upon. For those not familiar, have a firend who has three or four Vespa scooters including the one with two close set wheels athe front, he calls it his donkey. In an event if I sit on any scooter, with my feet flat on the floor, my knees are higher the top of the handlebars. Oh and my bodyweight crushes the suspension. Wearing heavy bootswhich I only would only ride with bTW stand well over six foot eight inches tall and weigh close to 400 pounds. As one friend noted he would not want to meet me if I was wearing my full head to toe black riding leathers in a dark alley at night.
The trike on the bow of the canal boat is a nice touch;
would be interesing loading and offloading such as beast. Lovely custom conversion though.

Les Biggs said...

Hi everyone
Yes I know their scooters but having been a biker in my younger days scooter was a rude word.
That Kingfisher was a poser. The pics came out ok considering it was through the glass of the door.
The camera is just a Fuji finepix so I am quite pleased with the pics.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic kingfisher pictures. I suspect Fuji might be interested in them - they could use them as advertising to show people what their cameras are capable of!

I hope you are enjoying the warm sunny days we've been having recently.

Happy cruising

Mike Muir said...

God pictures, Les even if the 2 wheeled nomenclature is a bit fuzzy!
Just Jaq's latest email, good luck when the time comes. Jaq's terminology was quite clear as to the problems, and, yes, I hate it when the white coats only give you pasrt of the information.
Mike Muir, GARNET

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs