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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Who`s a knocking

Always nice when a blog reader stops by. The latest knocking on the side of Nb Valerie was from blog follower Dave Winter.
I have snatched his picture from his website because as so often happens I forgot to take a picture even after Dave asked to snap Jaq and I.

Other visitors have been Daryl from Watford a reader and regular towpath walker stopped to chat with Jaq while I was out and inquired about my health. Thanks Daryl.

Robert of wide beam Wind in the Willows brought his sister to meet us and a nice couple of hours was spent over tea and cake.

It`s been nice moored near the reservoirs at Marsworth and being in the company of George and Carol on Still Rockin but now we have decided it`s time to move on. In the next two days we will take on a Tesco delivery, refill the water tank, dispose of the rubbish and sail on possibly to the Slapton area.
This will give us a choice of using the rail station at Cheddington or cruising on to Leighton Buzzard station for my journey to London to get my 3 month CT scan.
I have obtained 3 months of my medication for the stoma output and with the scan completed we will have no more commitments for quite a while.
Still Rockin with Nb Valerie behind. Reservoirs are to the rear and right of the boats, people can be seen walking on the bank of the reservoirs.


Dave Winter said...

Hi jaq and Les,
It was lovely to see you both and thanks for the tea. Hope to see you again sometime. Have a safe and peaceful summers cruising on our beautiful waterways.
You can catch up with me on my Facebook page if you like...
Take care.
Dave Winter (Brassiclint)

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Dave,
It was lovely indeed to meet you. While it is not always obvious where we are by reading our blog, you can drop us an email anytime you want to visit if you think we are in shouting distance. You are welcome any time. Hopefully next time I will have fresh cake or some other goody to offer with tea.
We will indeed check out your blog.
Jaq and LesX

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs