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Monday, March 24, 2014

Off the Bow

The one bad thing about heading to London is that `out in the country` moorings become scarce as fields have become the exurbs of London. We are now about 22 miles from London and villages have become towns that in turn are sucking up the green spaces right up to the canal towpath.
Readers do ask about moorings, so here are some pics of recent moorings, below. These are by no means typical. Mostly we are in very remote places but like any big city London is spreading and we are going through commuter country.

The top picture is just below Cow Roast and the flooded field is one of several hereabouts.
The second is the view across the canal and hidden amongst that woodland is (left) the site of springs that are to become the river Bulbourne. This area is Dudswell and this being the rivers source is disputed. Bulbourne is some 3 miles to the north but it is said the canal was built over the original river course.
The Bulbourne will flow in, out and alongside the canal for many miles Until it joins the river Gade at Hemel Hempstead. In years gone by it was the feed for many watercress beds along it`s route. A very old gent once told me that in wartime watercress production came under `reserved occupation` status and some used this to stay at home. Not sure how valid that is but the old boy enjoyed telling me about the cress beds through Hertfordshire.
This is Bourne End opposite Pix`s farm stables. Pleasant enough but although the trains run out of sight behind the trees they can still be heard a little. Towpath side the Bulbourne runs through a field alongside a main road that`s far enough away not to be a nuisance.

Now we are In Hemel Hempstead and we need to moor here to enable Jaq to have her eyes tested and have upgraded lenses fitted to her frames. So just 2 nights but just ahead the moorings amongst  houses and shops right next to the towpath are full so not much choice. It was quiet at night.

This is near to Hunton Bridge. Compromise again in that the housing is far enough away but the railway is close passing through the trees in the first picture. Towpath side across fields is a main road but far enough not to cause a noise nuisance.
I can think of a few reasonable moorings on the way into London but although they might be away from roads and railways civilisation will always be very close by. A good mooring is one that you can  not see any light pollution and any light might be just a farm building.

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Unknown said...

So if Les is due to have some form of prostate surgery in the near future, why London, again?
Urban blight seemingly affects everything even on the canals.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs