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Monday, March 03, 2014

Metal Thieves

The Wendover arm is navigable for just about one and a half miles long at the moment and provides a very peaceful mooring. It is popular with walkers who have not just an abundance of footpaths but several benches, like the one in the picture below, to sit on.
If you think the water looks a strange colour it is because of a chemical that Canal and River Trust have added to help detect leaks. Jaq says its Chinese Jade Green. Better than the usual mucky colour, CaRT say it does no harm to fish or plants etc. Just look at the seat before you scroll down.

Above just two minutes from the mooring two footpaths cross, roughly on left by the trees, giving four routes through our beautiful fields of grazing sheep or cattle. I know this be strange for some readers but here in the UK millions of people roam across land legally, shutting gates etc. and having respect for the landowners property and livestock. The sheep are soon to lamb and a farmers notice asks for dogs to be kept on a leash.
I said millions of respectful people but as always even in such a tranquil place we have an element that care for no one except themselves. Remember the bench. I do when we last visited it had a small Brass plate that stated the bench was in memory of a deceased relative. Now walking around the area I noticed two others that had the plates missing.

Walking along the section of the Wendover arm being restored the footpath crosses the canal by this bridge installed by the Wendover trust with donations from the public. A metal plaque is purchased with your own inscription that can be again as a memorial or perhaps just a name of the donating individual or group.
They are very firmly attached needing a hexagonal headed tool to remove them.
As you can see on the right some scumbag has been trying unsuccessfully to prise them off.
These are made I think from a very light alloy and quite a lot would be needed to achieve a weight worth  selling as scrap.
Not sure of other parts of the world but here in the UK metal theft is very much on the increase because of high prices of metals. None of the plaques seemed to have been removed, just damaged.


Anonymous said...

Have the black plates not be shaped like that because they were too wide for the post.

Les Biggs said...

Hi Maffi
No there were plaques on both support legs and all but about six fitted perfectly. Where they had been levered the softnes of the metal allowed them to stretch but not break.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs