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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seven heaven, seven years afloat

Seven years ago Nb Valerie made her maiden voyage from Winkwell in a snow blizzard. It could have been left for better weather but having moved aboard the decision to go on that particular day was to a boating virgin was not to be put off.

Below is a section of the blog post on that day.

entered Berkhampstead and dived into a pub "The Boat" and sat by the fire with 2 cups of hot coffee, yes i know pubs sell beer but we needed to have our wits about us on this our maiden voyage. Anyway fell out the pub 30mins later intoxicated by the warmth of the open fire and followed the ARGUS coal and diesel boat through the next lock, she was two abreast loaded with coal and soon stopped to service the needs of boats moored so we went past and decided to stop outside Waitrose for some nice crusty bread and use the cash machine.
Wish we hadn`t as when we came to caste off--nothing. Forwards backwards--nothing. Now remember this is the maiden voyage of 2 virgin boaters. So plenty of water movement when forward engaged so i thinks prop is revolving but just in case have a look down the weedhatch, ok be honest how many of you are laughing. Prop clear so i think are we aground, rocked the boat and it seemed fine so i phoned Phil the builder as he said phone and he will be with us if we get into bother- what us!-get in bother! You lot must be hysterical by now. Anyway he established on the phone after a few questions that we had run aground slightly at the very front end, but i knew that just testing him wasn`t i.
Off we go through the next

So much water has flowed past the hull in those 7 years.  Hundreds, no thousands of locks plus who knows how many miles because the only records I keep are my memories. So many wonderful views as the miles slowly drift by. The many peaceful moorings sometimes just a mile or two away from  thousands of people living as I once did but you seem to be in the middle of nowhere. So many wonderful boaters who are like an extended family....I appreciate you all. I shared my adventures with hundreds of people along the way who just walked by the mooring and showed an interest in the life of a water gypsy.

Now I get to share all this with the most wonderful person that ever asked  about my life aboard my lovely wife Jaq. She first took interest with the words `Dear sir` LINK
 Her blog True love, first post HERE tells her story but be warned Jaq is a writer and this is a long read so maybe if you get into it bookmark it for a winter night read.


Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

My darling,
I had no plans of finding love so late in life. I found narrow boats and English canals and a lifestyle I knew I wanted. You, my beloved, are the whipped cream and cherry on top of a wonderful life which is so much better shared with you. Thanks Dear Sir, for answering my email!
With all my brim heart,

Jacquie said...

Oh, that brought a tear to my eye. Many Congratulations Les, 7 years. And still much more to come with Jaq. Catch you on the other channel.

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs