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Monday, June 04, 2012

Thames boat pageant

I am so happy it rained all day here on the Shroppie yesterday keeping me inside. It meant I hadn`t wasted the hours sat in front of the TV watching the Thames pageant. The coverage of the event by the BBC was abysmal. Yes the narrow boat coverage was small but then so were the shots of all the other craft. In a football match or a horse race names of players, horses and riders would be quoted non stop by the commentators. Surely some research could have made the commentary more interesting. The participants line up was established some time back so no excuse of time. Those little vessels that crossed to Dunkirk could have given some interesting facts.
Why we had to know the weather on previous years is beyond me because while this interview with some forecaster script reader went on we were missing the boats.
Ok rant over. I will say although i`m not a Royalist, that 86 yr old has my respect. I didn`t see her sit down once.
 Nb Indigo Dream took part and blogged from the Thames with lots of pictures take a look HERE.


Ken and Sue nb Cleddau said...

Ashamed of the BBC! There was a time when the presenters had to prepare for such occasions by actually getting some research in. Did they actually believe that everything would go as scripted and that no continuity was required? A cull of these so called professional broadcasters would do the BBC no harm and save a great deal of licence fee payers’ money.
My rant over!

KevinTOO said...

Sadly your comments are too true!! How dissapointing of the Beeb, never seen or heard anything so badly covered and reported. They should hang their corporate heads in shame.

Thank goodness for the Indego Dream Team :)

Les Biggs said...

Kev Sue/Ken
It was bad. Why we had to keep going back to the studio sometimes to face silence and blank looks beats me. I heard one commentator, when the camera was on the narrow boats, say `you can always tell the cargo boats they have black cloth covers`. He could easily have researched and said that President is an ex cargo boat and it`s load would have been protected by the black covers.
People seeing modern builds will now think they are all full of cargo instead of being a lovely home such is Jo and Keith`s Hadar.

Hase said...

Happy Anniversary to Her Majesty, the Queen! We watched the big event und Sunday too, and as you said, she did not sit down once! We just felt sorry for her and her husband that it probably was extremely cold on the boat and that they probably must have been freezing all the time. Yesterday we learned, that Prince Philipp is in hospital - we hope that it was not a result of the freezing long hours! God bless the Queen, and we hope for many more years to come for her! XXXXXX, Silvia

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs

NB Valerie & Steam Train by Les Biggs